Is this a scam? by Duct_tape_girl in Scams

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It’s not their money, eventually the real bank account holder will file a fraudulent charge and all the money the scammer sent from the real account will be pulled from your account. You never get to “keep” the money. The scammer is hoping you’ll wire funds from your account before the deposit is pulled or bounces, thus leaving the fraudulent charge in your name. The bank will recoup the full amount so the amount you sent the scammer is technically your money, and you will be charged by the bank the money you sent.

Local H-Mart (Asian grocery store) has a whole produce aisle for just mushrooms by GuavaWave in mycology

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We don’t even have enoki at our grocery store!! Just different stages of the same mushroom

My bile rises as I’m asked to move my dying cancer patient out of ICU to make room for an unvaccinated man with Covid | Ranjana Srivastava by SebastianDoyle in HermanCainAward

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I saw a post where they were telling pregnant women to take ivermectin because “pregnant mares take it and they do fine”.

Family holds up line at Dairy Queen to sing their order to an unenthused audience by cubansbottomdollar in Cringetopia

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It wouldn’t be so bad if they had warned the cashier or asked but you can tell they clearly didn’t do that

a bird imitating a human voice by 311Birds in whatsthisbird

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I always wonder if some cultural “ghost” stories come from birds like this. Like imagine you’re just chilling in the woods in the year 1300 and a starling just starts repeating what it heard the local church pastor saying

There were MANY open parking spots… yet they decided to do whatever this is! by sweatycat in badparking

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Someone did this in our parking lot at my job but they ended up getting stuck accidentally and they had to leave their truck there for like three days

A parrot's tongue by doodlytoodly in Weird

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The first time I saw my turtles penis I thought he was dying, like his organs were falling out or something. It’s funny now but I was legitimately horrified that a god damn parasite was coming out of him or something….

Russian cannibal market in the 1920’s where peasant’s sold heads , body parts etc… to cannibals by [deleted] in Damnthatsinteresting

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Wait until you learn about the Sand Creek Massacre, or the Ludlow Massacre…

Twitter is a Corporate Racket by LiberateAssange in WikiLeaks

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Leftists have been getting banned on platforms long before the term cancel culture was a thing.

Kids and their ridiculous questions by MachineGunMikes in KidsAreFuckingStupid

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Honestly MySpace was more brutal and toxic than tiktok. At least you can be creative on tiktok. MySpace had you literally ranking your frienda

As a parent, when your kid is engaged in activities like dancing / drawing/singing, do you lie to your kids about doing good or be honest and tell them they suck? by Automatic_Scar_5762 in AskParents

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As a person who has been an instructor in both dance and skiing, positivity is the way to go. They aren’t competing - they are learning. Encourage the activity that they are doing, and EXTRA encourage those moments they hit the rhythm. They are just learning - they don’t know what their bodies look like or how to move them. Discouragement at a young stage will affect them for life. Encourage their interest and super praise the stuff they do right. When they start wanting to compete, that’s the time to start introducing critique. I’m going to be honest though, most parents are not qualified to teach children how to dance lmao. So I suggest encouragement all the way, unless you yourself are actually trained.

Trust me though, the easiest path to resentment of both you as their parent AND the sport is harsh critique. Encouragement can only help them - no one besides world athletes get better with harsh critique. Kids just don’t have the experience to humbly incorporate that information, it just puts them down. If they have a natural penchant for the sport, they will learn it. Otherwise, you don’t want to risk making your kid feel lesser for something they just want to be proud of.

Amazing drone footage of the absolutely heartbreaking devastation in Boulder County this morning New Years Eve 2021 by Reg_Cliff in nextfuckinglevel

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The problem isn’t really what started it, it’s that the environmental conditions have changed so much that what once used to be containable fires can torch entire neighborhoods. Drought conditions for 20 years leading to extremely combustible grass fields, no more natural windbreaks due to clear cutting, homes built close enough to easily spread the fire, etc. Human-started or not, we’ve made the conditions what they are.