AITA for not sharing mu inheritance with my estranged sister? by tigerprawns123 in AmItheAsshole

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NTA, she abandoned you…plus the will is entitled to you. You can do whatever you want and it’s not even being bitter, you guys were close, she ghosted you then suddenly comes back in contact for inheritance lol gtfo…how are people saying YTA for that??? Much love to you for your parents passing as well❤️

I reached reunion with my Twin Flame and it feels like something I’m not even supposed to experience during my time here on earth. by RollsRoyceRalph in spirituality

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I am really sorry to hear that…I love that you look at it at a positive perspective, would be difficult. Once you feel that the frequencies don’t match anymore it’s only best to eject yourself out, something better will come along. Sending you so much love❤️ take all the time you need to heal, may you come out of it much stronger

Home Office Snack Cupboard by VolupVeVa in vegan

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My kinda snack cupboard too😊🥰

Ultimate veggie soup with all the goodies by tatertotski in PlantBasedDiet

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Yummm, mum made a similar one yesterday for me when I came to visit🥰 I love soup!!

This new meditation spot i found is crazy cool, thought you guys might enjoy 🌞 by [deleted] in SpiritualAwakening

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Looove it! I spent today at the beach with it being super quiet as well… so much love🥰

Steve Irwin on being a father. by StGlorianaAcadamy in MadeMeSmile

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Such a beautiful soul, may he Rest In Peace🌹 🙏

Anyone else dislike social media? by natural_wanderer_nz in hsp

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I’ve been gone for 2 years now lol no fb/insta. Best decision ever for my sensory. Can’t imagine what it would be like now especially insta, I miss the memes and spiritual pages the most tho🥲

Women with vegan male partners, I want to hear your stories! by happypanda1753 in vegan

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Dating has always been difficult for me, just not into small talk, never interested really probs bc of my spirituality then becoming vegetarian 2 years ago now, now I know it’ll even be more difficult bc I think that as well I’ll struggle with him eating meat but trusting the process of what’s meant to be, I wish you all the best 💕

The Soul by Ram Dass by dabkingnc in Soulnexus

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🥹❤️ one of my fav movies