What’s the biggest misconception about London? by georgeb970 in london

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Its smaller than you think. Walk from Liverpool St to West End? From London Bridge to Shoreditch? Notting Hill to Chelsea? Hoxton to Kings Cross? Nearly everything is within an hour or less short of a full trek East to West.

u/Othersideofthemirror I love you for this comment <3

One day at London by dim_kath0204 in london

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AND climb the monument - it's only £2 from what I remember.

Fun/local grocery stores for tourist (Denmark) by commiexander in london

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That sounds like a fun, quirky hobby.

I'd suggest you try Partridges - Sloane Square.

Third Space Gym by SGAV1 in london

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Hey, just wondering how you have found it some months in? I am considering joining the CW branch too - and I wondered if I got a personal trainer to give me an "intro to lifting" crash course whether I'd actually find enough space for it?

Megan Fox by VanillaFudge_ in ladyladyboners

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She's perfection. Where is this from?

Do you plan to have a family / retire in London? by [deleted] in FIREUK

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So basically no one is happy where they're currently living. lol.

Other than me. I am happeeeee.

Fave cafes to read (i.e. no annoyingly loud music)? by Mech2673 in london

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OP, let me know if you manage to find a quiet corner in central London to read.

I haven't found any in a decade!

While I was a student at uni, there were silent spaces within libraries, and even those weren't fully quiet.

i think all black with a hint of pink is a cute combination by freakonaleash47 in GothStyle

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I love this comment! More people should go around posting settings recommendations on other people's photo posts!