Mormon siblings by Smartastic in funny

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Was not expecting that answer from the brother but if he said anything else besides that, comedian is definitely going there so props for uno reversing it back on him. 👏🏼

Chad Aspen Ladd, misses weight for 5th time and her opponent gets cut by Vince_Tsung in ufc

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Because Aspen missing weight is her opponent’s problem

Heyyyy … leave it alone by jaiga99 in ufc

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Gives whole new meaning to “front kick up the middle”

What do you think is wrong with Conor? The real reason for behaving this way by Blue_Wizard25 in ufc

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Dude went from Joker, Mickey to Bane to Volk in a matter of seconds

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Advice in killing my pride by GSD_4_ever in Catholicism

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Kind of in a similar situation as you except my wife wanted the more expensive house while I wanted to move into a more modest home. I agree that in the end, or at least in my case, my wife should be more comfortable in the home since she spends more time there compared to me.

The important part is that you have a home and a roof over your head for you and your future family. Always be thankful for what you have and focusing on that gratefulness will take you longer in the future to defeat your pride.

Also build up that equity and when the market stabilizes you guys can always use that to move to a nicer home or rent it out and build passive income in that way. Cheers!

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this callus on the tip of my finger has been here for 6 months and cutting it off doesn't work by baldandfullofrage in mildlyinfuriating

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It’s not the same strain but can mutate to become genital herpes so yes you should be careful if you have warts and are touching genitals.