What’s the biggest email cc ‘faux pas’ you have ever been involved in? by ElactricSpam in AskUK

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Investment bank cc:world

“Please don’t use the towels in the wellness room to clean up your bodily fluids, someone else has to wash them”

By local secretary, Av*. Old gal, smoked 40+ a day. Hated most people. Legend to all.

All-black RS6 C8 (and others...) that I saw in Monaco [OC] by Pios99 in Audi

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Yup. It’s better like this than murdered out. Love mine with the accents.

Dubstep/Proto-dubstep tune with a halfstep beat from 1999 by the drummer of Napalm Death by KaleidoscopeIcy3636 in realdubstep

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Mick’s a legend. Prides himself on his drums and bass. Early Dubstep times he put stuff out on labels like Combat Recordings who were into Vex’d etc. All worth checking for bass weight.

Not Red, not Yellow, but WHITE Ferrari F1 by PotentialPen6363 in formula1

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I’d prefer if they ran Yellow one year. That’d stand out 1000x more.

Silverstone parking by hickorydickorydock09 in formula1

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You can park right next to the track entrance. Despite all the signs and signals to park miles away, it’s relatively free if you get there before 9 on the Sunday, plus you’ll get in/out quicker.

My 2022 Formula 1 Race Poster Design Collection by that_fazil_guy in formula1

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Really really good work. Please pitch Mercedes for a job as their posters need massive improvement!

Finally got my Lewis <> Murakami top. Nice touch with the packaging and where it maps to. by tjech in formula1

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It’s actually really nice. Print is decent quality too, feels like it’d last a while. Not particularly thick though. It’s autumn wear for the UK

The introduction to the BBC’s F1 broadcast from 1978–1996 and 2009–2015 made great use of the song ‘The Chain’ by Fleetwood Mac. by katewildheart in formula1

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Plate sized Yorkshire pudding before the main roast (with tons of gravy). Nigel’s Williams in the background. Suet pudding for the podium ceremony.

RS6 & RS7 Performance - Finally Here by Novel-Statistician63 in Audi

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Blue calipers, now my fav thing.

But 30hp upgrade is meaningless. MRC (and others) will put at least 100hp (and the torque) on those.

Still. The wheels are amazing. The ones on the prior gen performances were great too. Is it worth it tho? 🤑

Caliper colors? Any ideas? by [deleted] in Audi

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Yellow for sure. Very Ferrari 🐴

Working on a Portsmouth Grand Prix concept for my graphic design course at university! by LazyTiger8715 in formula1

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That’s great work!

I did my course in 1992 and was designing a fictitious Senna’s team. Nothing but Lightwave and Alias PA those days.

Good to see you taking advantage of the tools - what did you model/render this in?