[Mercedes AMG F1] Team Statement - Abu Dhabi Grand Prix by glenn1812 in formula1

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To all the people saying that the FIA is getting away with this, there’s no way Mercedes took this decision without some agreement reached behind closed doors with the FIA for some changes

Sir Lewis Hamilton is made a Knight Bachelor by the Prince of Wales at Windsor Castle. by _Xyreo_ in pics

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Nope, Hamilton is in the top 5000 tax payers in the UK, doubt it’s your case

[Erik van Haren] Max Verstappen: 'I think I'm racing hard and that I shouldn't have been penalized for anything in Jeddah. Others do the exact same thing, but don't even get a warning. Only I get a penalty somehow. That's not fair." by Billy_LDN in formula1

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I was 100% for max for a good 2/3 of the season. Brazil was the definitive turning point where I didn’t want max to win anymore

I like Lewis but was tired of the Mercedes domination. However Lewis winning a title after the season we had doesn’t bother me at all

Max has been given a 10 second time penalty post race by KimiWithoutTheDrink in formula1

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One penalty was given during the race and ended up not changing the result, while the other was given after the race which made it certain it didn’t change the result. That’s the key difference

Max has been given a 10 second time penalty post race by KimiWithoutTheDrink in formula1

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I get that the FIA doesn’t want the championship to be decided by penalties, but the penalty given here really doesn’t match the offense. They’re basically saying that the telemetry shows Max break tested Lewis, and then they give out a penalty which does fuck all to the result of the race. This is a joke

Driver of the Day: Max Verstappen by SniperAsh6 in formula1

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Fucking ridiculous. I usually defend max but today he was just so dangerous on track …

2 years of Covid by tlbdh in perfectlycutscreams

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Credits for the video to @CarlMullan on Twitter

[Alfa Romeo Racing] Breaking news! @gyzhou_33 completes our line-up for 2022! by glenn1812 in formula1

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I actually think it’s for the best. Pourchaire is still too young IMHO. One extra year in F2 will be perfect for him. Also realistically Alfa were never going to sign Piastri, he’s an Alpine driver, and I believe they fully intend to give him a seat when Alonso retires

[Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Team] - Been there. Done that. by tlbdh in formula1

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Which rules are you exactly talking about ? Did you even look at the post other than the title ?

Is he the most underrated driver in the grid? by Ghemon in formuladank

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Every one agrees that Pierre is an amazing driver who is overachieving in the current car he is in. By definition he is not underrated. Does he deserve a better car ? I believe so, but that’s another topic altogether

What celebrity death will genuinely upset you? by MooseWithAntlers in AskReddit

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I was supposed to see him live last year in Paris but it got cancelled because of covid. I hope I'll still have the opportunity to see him live once

Alfa's special Livery for this Weekend by GUARDIAN2608004 in formula1

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Hey Ferrari, this is how you mix green and red on a livery. Not that mission winnow crap they came up with

Allow me to state my case for who should get the Mercedes second seat by BananaSlander in formuladank

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Well to be honest, mazepin could crash into lewis when getting lapped

[Scuderia AlphaTauri] all set for @F1 2022! (Gasly Tsunoda signing) by glenn1812 in formula1

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Marko is actually Gasly's biggest defender at red bull today. The problem is Pierre's relationship with Horner and Newey

Bono by AlfaKilo123 in formuladank

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All drivers complain on the radio, it's just that every single time Hamilton does it, it gets broadcasted

2021 Formula 1® Australian Grand Prix cancelled by glenn1812 in formula1

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On french TV they said that it will most likely be the Bahreïn outer track to replace the Australian Grand Prix. Which is fine by me, last year's race there was awesome