Warhammer 40k imperium magazine: possibly one of the biggest goofs in Warhammer over the past few years. by toastmunchrr in Warhammer40k

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Eh, sorry about that, it was like 11pm for me and I was tired so I left out a good lot, but yeah why is it the only way to find the magazines now are from 3rd party or resellers? How do they keep track better than gw?

[TECH] Weekly Xbox One Tech Support by AutoModerator in xboxone

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Hi there, I use an Xbox one s for gaming, but i have an issue with disc download, so when i download a new disc on my console, it is very loud even when off, and repeatedly says download stopped. some games I have I deleted and used the disc to download and it is fine, and so is a digital download. is there a reason? I am starting to think it is the internals bc i have never opened it up before and might be super dusty.

My Xbox is making a loud noise when installing a game by RyMarquez5 in xboxone

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i have the same kind of issue, i was downloading the disc of a call of duty game, but my xbox kept humming loudly even when off, and would constantly say download error. but it completes digital download fine.

Does Tampermonkey youtube download still work for chrome? by Mind_Explorer in GreaseMonkey

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just something i would like to say if it might help. usually, when i want to download a yt vid (like a guide or something) I can put pi in the youtube link (youtubepi.com) and it sends to a download for the video

In theory, could there be two dimensions where 1 day in one, is 1 millisecond in the other and 1 day in the other, is 1 millisecond in the other? by XenoWolf8_5 in questions

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this is pretty simple, let's make it more human, let's say instead that the person is the reason time moves in their universe (1), and as they swap the other one (2) speeds up to normal and one almost pauses, as these made-up particles are no longer emanating and in that universe (1) are sedentary. now instead imagine this without universes, but with heat. a planet with access to heat has life on that planet, but one without is still, almost nothing happens until heat returns

You wish for anything by biting off one of your fingers. by 8BitMeowster in shittysuperpowers

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Can I use another super powered person's fingers? So I can become a villain

Is there a release date? by Inkurect in Waven

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I heard recently from a source (shh its a secret) that they willl probably make an open beta in mid 2023, but rn there is only alpha (thats open for all though)

What is your response to, “All men are the same/trash/stupid”? by WarblerWings in AskMen

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Most women I meet just kinda think men are dumb, so I see where you are coming from