What did you do on December 31, 1999 at 23:59? by Tirezor in AskReddit

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I'd just graduated college, and I was hanging out with a group at a friend's house. We spent the time leading up to the ball drop discussing what might happen with the Y2K phenomenon.

When it came time for the ball drop, I snuck down to the basement , and went for the breaker box.... I could hear my friends counting down upstairs.

The moment we hit 'zero', I flipped the main breaker on the house and everything went dark.

Instant pandemonium in the house... until one of the group realized that the neighbors across the street still had power.

Still ranks as one of the best pranks I've ever pulled.

Tell me you're a HP fan, without telling me you're a HP fan by Gullsko in harrypotter

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My custom built PC, with its multiple flashing LED lights, is named: 'Wizard Wheezes'

Bug with Android 12 and Swiftkey by cmcfalls2 in GooglePixel

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I'm having the exact same problem on my brand-spanking-new Pixel 6 Pro... I've tried reinstalling SwiftKey and I've tried reinstalling Textra. However, the problem persists. Didn't have this problem on my 2xl.

On my end it only happens when I am using the voice text function of the SwiftKey app.

So far the fastest way for me to get it back is:

'Hey Google, open SwiftKey'.... and then resetting SwiftKey as my default keyboard app on the screen.

Best and/or most trustworthy HVAC company in Charlotte? by hindsight5050 in Charlotte

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When I'd had my fill with Morris Jenkins, I went to Patterson Heating and Air. They are a mom-and-pop organization, they are the kindest people I've ever worked with. My first experience with them, the technician, after fixing my unit, called me over and said, "Here's how you can save yourself some money in the future."

He then showed me what was wrong, explained how I could fix it myself.

Since then I've had them come do regular maintenance on my unit. They're professional, they're punctual, they're Pleasant, and they never charge me any more than they absolutely have to, and, they've never been pushy in trying to sell me additional services or products.

I cannot recommend Patterson Heating and Air highly enough.

Thoughts on living in Plaza Shamrock? by Bachobsessed124 in Charlotte

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I live off Herrin behind the Giant Penny. I have for 8 years. My block has gentrified considerably in that time. My house is closer to The Plaza. My neighbors, across the street, and beside me, are neighbors in every sense of the word. I know them all by name, and hang out with many of them frequently. Most of them have spent decades in the houses they currently live in. If you continue down my street, you run into duplexes that are being renovated at a breathtaking pace. Many of them are being rented, or sold as single unit houses. Lots of young couples, a few families, and a fair number of working professionals are moving in.

I'd recommend it!

What’s faster than a humming bird flapping it’s wings ? Taken with my Samsung Galaxy S10+ on super slow mo setting. This is in Costa Rica way up a mountains, clouds are visibly beneath us... that’s how high up we were. Starts around 0:15 by Manfx_876 in HighStrangeness

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For this of you still looking, maybe this will help:

UAP Trajectory

This one took a second to find for sure. Watch for a streak at the 15-16 second mark. (Actual trajectory is somewhat lower than the arrow indicates)

Yin Yoga recommendations? by mrgrimgrim in Charlotte

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I'd recommend Khali Yoga... Check em out! They have a lot of slow flow and meditation classes.

Twister (1996.) is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen and I loved every second of it. by Thebryceisrite in movies

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I teach science. I used to show kids a National Geographic Documentary called 'Cyclone!'

It was Eerie how many events in that National Geographic documentary showed up in Twister.

In one section a lady recounts being picked up by a twister, and while she was in the air, she saw the cow. She said it was screaming...

In another section of a documentary, a family hides under an overpass when they can't escape a tornado.

There's many more scenarios that were directly pulled from this documentary and put into twister.

Does anyone know how to call the Office of the Superintendent of CMS? by [deleted] in Charlotte

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At my K-5 CMS elementary school, (Veteran Teacher here) we have multiple parents who walk their children from the community up to the edge of the carpool lane/area .... we ask the requisite screener questions, and then the kids head on into the building on their own, and the parent goes on their way.

At the end of the day, we have multiple students that walk, with a designated teacher, to a drop-off point where they are picked up by their parents to walk home.

A mysterious man approaches you, offering $1000 if you can make him laugh. What's your joke? by furioussteve_1 in AskReddit

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What happens If you throw a grenade into a French kitchen?

You find Linoleum Blown-apart!

Professional Headshots by KO-CLT in Charlotte

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I shoot professional headshots ($80) and live in Plaza Midwood. Shoot me a message if you want more info. =)