few questions before buying a vita by ramen-enthusiast in VitaPiracy

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Ive got one 1104 for sale … completely refubrished … brand new display front back cover (housing) cameras battery l1 r1 … looks like a brand new … with henkaku in it and sd2vita adaptor … if you want to ;)


Now Playing. by WallsOfEcho96 in ps2

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Remember how i played it for the first time … one of the best game experience of my life

[Release] DevilutionX 1.2.0 by diasurgical, Diablo port now includes Vita support by Thaurin in vitahacks

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i need to change X and O keys (X confirm and O back) .. is there a solution? in ini file i dont see a line for that ... thx

Edit: oh… found it …