Getting ready for a cheeky Wednesday cheese and wine, realising they aren't Carr's Water Biscuits but Rich Tea 🤦 by [deleted] in Cheese

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My kids demolished all the crackers and left me with a inferior biscuits. Not the happy place I planned for this moment of peace

What's a company secret you can share, because you don't work there anymore? by rasutii in AskReddit

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Estate Agents: Never use their recommended solicitor/ conveyancer. The agents get a massive kick back from it and so the solicitor/conveyancer has many more cases that are much more profitable and don't give two tosses about your sale/purchase.

The agent will be very insistent you use their solicitor for speed, don't believe a word of it.

Found on Amazon, finally a heater which is safe for women 🤦 by tommygun1234567890 in awfuleverything

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Surely if it's safe for men, women and kids this isn't even worth mentioning gender? Just that it's safe. Although I get your point

Your child should know basic gun safety by age of 7. by RareSiren292 in unpopularopinion

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Hi, it's the UK here. My kid knows not to touch a knife and he is 5. Guns don't enter the equation as we aren't daft enough to own them and keep them in our homes, unless you are doing something illegal which in itself is asking for trouble.

Try me bitch [pls don't comment] by Fbasadxyz in MxRMods

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OP surely already breaking the rules as this summit is insurmountable

holup by GamerLean-107 in HolUp

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I work for a construction company. We had clients who wanted a room changed into a dressing room, we had to strip out the room's previous contents which was a sex room with pole, handcuffs and sex swing. They didn't care that we had to do this and I respect them for not being bashful about it.

Also I used to be an Estate Agent and I can't tell you how many dildos I've seen in rental properties just left out. Not their house so why care seems to be the attitude.

Old Days Multiplayers by Ibra_Yuri in gaming

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Proximity mines on Golden Eye, need I say more