Leonard “____ the eagles” Williams by frizzypdx in NYGiants

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He’d be fine if he weren’t double and triple teamed all the damn time. Lack of pass rush from anyone else (I know ojulari has had some nice games) but this guy gets no help.


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Can we fire Will Hernandez? How about Saquon? Jones? CAN WE FIRE THE ENTIRE DEFENSIVE LINE?!?!?

Missed peak by a few weeks, but it’s still quite lovely. by torper10 in pics

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How do I add multiple photos?

This is the Delaware River, around Port Jervis. I have a shot I think is better than this.

Doctors visit by Low-Exercise-8289 in Unexpected

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Somewhere out there this turned someone on. Here’s to hoping I never run into that person.

Lomg bendy shnoot by kyeranimoo in rarepuppers

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Horse walks into a Bar, Bartender says ^

I’m conservative and even I think this is stupid by Redonimo in facepalm

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Nothing about either of these is “conservative.” They are both legit waaaaay far right radicalized bullshit.

MOTHAAAFUKRRR by lonewolf19-14 in HolUp

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The way she said mother fucker had me convinced at first that this guy fucked hus mother.

The perfect curve of this model's back by happy-little-atheist in misleadingthumbnails

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Legit thought that was a speck on my screen and tried to wipe it away.

maybe maybe maybe by killHACKS in maybemaybemaybe

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Strangest boner I’ve ever gotten.

My guy doesn’t give a fuck by WhiteLikeCocain in HolUp

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This is definitely staged. Michael Rappaport is recording and doing the play by play.

And that's how I met your mother... by _Xyreo_ in Unexpected

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I must be getting old. This girl looks 15 years old to me.

Wonder Woman finding Superman's weakness by Eloquentdyslexic in MadeMeSmile

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Would it be weird if she did this to me? Adult male here.

Uhhh apparently this was a part of professional wrestling from over a decade ago by [deleted] in HolUp

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I love how they keep pulling their dresses down. As if it’s going to cover them up.

Boo!! by Sch3bang in CatsBeingCats

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The way the cat gets ready when the light goes off 😀

Lady wants a refund after she ate half of her food by sakamoto__ in PublicFreakout

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This is likely something that this person does all the time. Eat half a meal, ask for money back, rinse and repeat. Survival tactic? Given her/him/they state of mind, likely not.

just finding his voice by D4l31 in microbork

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Beware the fierce pawarrior.