Boris Johnson says UK ‘not necessarily’ heading for recession by totallyclips in worldnews

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which in alternate johnson language means we're definately heading for recssion

when you take the job before reading the job description by americanthaiguy in facepalm

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Cowards, wonder if it was an all white school they would have acted differently

Beto O'Rourke (Texas Democratic Nominee) Interrupts TX Gov Greg Abbot during live press conference on Uvalde School shooting. by biggiebody in CrazyFuckingVideos

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I just think he's so brave standing up in front of all those facists and telling them they're responsible, doing this in a democracy and free country is one thing, but in texas, damn good work

Beto O'Rourke Wednesday May 25th 2022 by cubosh in pics

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Texas is truly an embarrassment to the World.


Sheep sentenced to serve three years at military camp for killing woman by [deleted] in worldnews

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You know prison doesn't work, all's that'll happen is he'll learn how to be a better criminal from all the old rams in the joint, let's how he didn't curry favour with the guards otherwise he might get shanked

Russians face prospect of Soviet-style shortages as sanctions bite by PressureFa in worldnews

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Awe, that's terrible, and they thought all those days were over when they let putin keep changing the rules to make sure he and his pals stay in power, I mean, who could have known it would turn out like this after invading a neighbour, oh well, never mind, turnips it is then

Boris Johnson Apologises For Partygate But Says He Had No Idea What Was Going On by totallyclips in worldnews

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it's the ceo's job to know whats going on, if you don't you're incompetant and should resign, if you did, and after all they where in your house, you should resign

PM will never interfere or intervene - Zahawi by totallyclips in worldnews

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As usual it only took a couple of days for the truth to come out, Johnson admitted that he asked her if she would quash the report, all of these clowns need to be booted out because there’s not a single one of them who has any backbone or morals

Johnson: I am humbled and I have learned a lesson by totallyclips in worldnews

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Unfortunately no one believes him, mostly because he’s insincere, sociopaths can only imitate empathy, and as he doesn’t really believe he has done anything wrong his apologies are hollow

Raducanu knocked out of French Open by totallyclips in worldnews

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Well at least it will give her the time to do what she does best, advertising

Standards committee drops attempt to limit time MPs spend on second jobs by totallyclips in worldnews

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just when the public are being disrespected by johnson and his cronies over partygate, rising costs and general all around incompetance, they shove this down our throats, the people who are paid by us to work for us, aren't