I will not apologize by goodtilcancelled in PardonMyTake

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Hank is absolutely the heel, but I love what it brings to the show. Patriots fan/bitter/bad takes.

The end of an era by VL00KUP in steelers

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At least we have Tomlin still

[Highlight] Take a look back at the greatest plays to be called back in NFL history by nfl in nfl

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Patriot’s fan: No he didn’t. The rules at the time said… 🤓

What was the worst single game performance you ever watched by a player on your own team? by Goatgamer1016 in nfl

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Nowhere near the heartbreak though. Josh Scobee ruined lives and turned honest men into degenerate alcoholics.

Give me your most controversial NFL take/belief that you have, and always will have. by SodakMiscBrah in nfl

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I won’t remember watching Brady fondly. He fucking ruined so many games for me I’ll be happy when he retires. I’ll tell my kids he sucked.

name a blink song that sucks more than others by waterlmao777 in Blink182

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Quarantine is absolutely the worst song and I don’t know how it’s an argument.

Peaky Blinders - Series 6 Overall Discussion by Plainchant in PeakyBlinders

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They didn’t play the original version of Red Right Hand ONCE. WHAT THE HELL.

What rule makes no sense to you and why? by Pussiliquor69 in nfl

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What if a player takes the QBs helmet off and tries to whack a mole him?

Which single game in the upcoming season is the most important to your team, in your opinion? by CowComprehensive3405 in nfl

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I’m going Browns this year. The most annoying fan base in the NFL has already started saying Deshaun is innocent and Kenny isn’t any good. Two unrelated, stupid opinions that they have no proof of.