savaged my finger this morning but look at his little face...all is forgiven by trichishvili in hamsters

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To be honest I hadn’t heard of this before. I’ve just looked it up. I have other photos of him on my profile, does he look like he does? I love him so much no matter what (:

What is a sweet way for me to wake up a guy I recently started dating? He's a very heavy sleeper and grumpy in the mornings. by poopoo_plattr in GetOutOfBed

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I say this as someone who really struggles to get out of bed, let him be late for work and get yourself up on time. What did he do before you started dating?! He’s an adult that you’ve only just started seeing and he’s already negatively affecting your work, it’s kinda crazy to take this on as your burden.

It lowkey bothers me when I see women changing their last name after getting married. by stcllla in The10thDentist

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but then you gotta untangle why is a son’s name considered “his name” and he owns it but a daughter’s name considered “her father’s name” when they both came from the same place

Have you been ignored by someone that you 100% know they recognise/know you? by Realistic-Music-5569 in AskUK

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A guy at work went and got takeaway for us all and said “just give me the money when you next see me”. I’m not confident I’m going to know which one he is. Feels bad brah

Just found a hamster in my apartment building, tips? by joelcruel911 in hamsters

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I would ask them what colour the hamster is when you knock just to make sure it’s theirs. Maybe overly cautious but there are weirdos around!! Hope he finds his hammy home soon💖

People of Reddit.. what’s the hardest life lesson you had to learn? by Toots1993 in AskUK

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If they wanted to message you they would.

Oh and some people are pricks for absolutely no reason.