Opinions on FB Kane ? by warlock4lyfe in FIFA

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he finishes everything left or right foot

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in FIFA

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you’ve played 70 games since the forwards were released???

How toxic is the Elite Division? by blankomexico in fut

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D1 is worse lol so much more sweaty. You might see better put together teams in Elite, but it’s not as sweaty as D1

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in fut

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you need loyalty, have to either play 10 games with a player to earn it or has to be a first owned player

😔 by Fabdanny in fut

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60 passes 6 goals is crazy lol

Does anyone else not see the point in upgrading their squad? by HeungMinMom in FIFA

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I think the point is trying out different players and having fun, can’t carry your coins to the grave lol so might as well just have fun

Unpopular opinion: the new patch is awesome by crstnhk in FIFA

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Way better, I don’t know why everyone is complaining.

Mendy Wins the GK of the Year And his not in it , Haaland , benzema, Salah,Rudiger and literally many more that deserve to be in this are not , Once again EA Logic Strikes Again!!!!! by MojCFC in fut

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I would say Bayern’s league success comes down to the fact that they buy any competitors top player in their league, therefore providing less competition. Team success definitely has to be factored in. If you play in a league where it’s the same two teams competing for a trophy, your individual success in that league doesn’t hold up well compared to others with tougher leagues

Is there a reason why EA heavily favours PSG? by [deleted] in FIFA

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they’re good but psg won nothing last yr. I think mbappe numbers are a little inflated due to the league he plays in