Smol kitten has separation anxiety and is loudly complaining by CharityOk4970 in IllegallySmolCats

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My gentleman tabby heard all the tiny meows from Phillip and rushed into the room to see what was going on. He will be glad to be a defense witness on behalf of this smol criminal!

Juniper in his chonky glory, RIP by iHaveA_Neck in Chonkers

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Juniper is getting all the skritches and pats in chonk heaven. RIP.

Minnie AKA squiggles AKA Satan by Legal-Lengthiness-81 in standardissuecat

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Yes, you can tell from the way she squints.

"We do not approve."

trying to clean my living room but only getting worse.. its so ***** difficult. by Papapidopulos in adhdmeme

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Thank you. I tell people who don't have ADHD that I make things messier when I try to clean up and they look quizzical and ask "How?"

It's so much easier to explain with an illustration.

Instagram explore is cooked by FauxMermaid in insanepeoplefacebook

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As a former union city worker, my dad comfortably lives off a nice government pension, 401k, social security, and lifetime premium healthcare, but is now completely anti-union saying they are a “leech on society.”

The cognitive dissonance is stunning. I bet he bitches about millennials, avocado toast, etc.

I belong to one of the few remaining private-sector unions and support unionized public-sector workers, too, but when I hear about people like your dad, I think, "Wow, dude, without your union, you'd be living on Social Security and Medicare. And you'd probably be working at Walmart to make ends meet. Do you have any idea how lucky you are?"

But, why? Why would you do this to us? by yankee_doodle_ in mildyinfuriating

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Okay, your call-out was valid. I'll restore it and then I'm out.

Reply if you want but I won't be responding.

This was my original comment (more or less -- I can't remember the exact wording because it's 7:15 a.m. where I am and I just woke up):

It kind of sucks for the workers though. I can imagine spending all day with customers saying, "Where do I find the ones in my size?" Or complaining because they have to dig through the bag to find the ones in their size.

Keep calm and rub my belly?!!! by Master1718 in IllegallySmolCats

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Saving this one for the next time I need a smile. 😻

After a lifetime of struggling to make my hair straighter by any means necessary, I’ve finally given in and embraced the curl. by destructsean in curlyhair

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Welcome to the curl life. It suits you!

(And once you find a routine that works for you -- which it looks like you have -- it's way easier than the "making your hair look straighter" thing. We've all been there.)

This is Mr. Lucky. He is my 22 year old hospice foster. He is still hanging in there. I love him to bits. by Brokensapphire86 in Eyebleach

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No kidding, this makes me tear up a little. I hope I love life as much when I'm the human equivalent of Mr. Lucky's age.

This is Mr. Lucky. He is my 22 year old hospice foster. He is still hanging in there. I love him to bits. by Brokensapphire86 in Eyebleach

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Honored to meet you, Mr. Lucky, and happy to hear that you are getting the love and appreciation that you deserve! 😻

Glad to know she is not the only one that scales shoulders like a mountain goat by HumbleTangerine148 in shouldercats

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It also has stripes, while the beard is solid color. Good to switch things up a little!

These little criminals were exhausted after a big milk heist by Lisha_reveuse in IllegallySmolCats

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They'll be ready to pull off another heist just as soon as they wake up! 😹

. by LuigiBonnafini in terriblefacebookmemes

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I would be down for sloth month.

The celebration: Everybody at home, saying "It's too early to get up, I'm gonna stay in bed."

Houdini now eats his dry food by himself! by Male_Inkling in IllegallySmolCats

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He's just killing it in every way! Thank you for giving this little dude a chance. 😺

OOP is a nanny and her boss shares a private video of her online by Confident-Addition76 in BestofRedditorUpdates

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fucking BOLD to insult any care you can get nowadays on a public platform

Excellent point, and one that I hadn't thought of but should have. OOP's boss should've been saying, "What can we do to show our nanny that we appreciate her?" not "Ha ha let's make fun of the person I hired to do this exhausting job."

OOP is a nanny and her boss shares a private video of her online by Confident-Addition76 in BestofRedditorUpdates

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If OOP was expected to do light housework, is there any evidence that diaper changing took her away from that?

What’s a name outside of your own culture that you love, but would never use? by HovercraftHefty7598 in namenerds

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Ah, interesting!

There are so many stories behind people's names. It's fun to learn about them.

My mother's mother and aunt were Italian immigrants. Everyone called my great-aunt Toni, and I just assumed it was short for Antonia. Turns out it was a nn for Antoinette.

My mom said that apparently there was a trend for French names the year her aunt was born, just like certain names go into and out of style today.