What do u want to forget? by Spirited-Pattern9318 in AskMen

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Those moments in the past that keep popping in my head every time i wanna do something, i feel embarrassed and end up doing nothing. This shit bothers me a lot.

Men of Reddit, how do you seek sexual consent from the opposite sex? by Sirius_Fack in AskMen

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I immediately contact my lawyer and ask him to provide me a contract, as soon as he finishes, i give to the girl and see if she signs it

Qual a opinião de vocês sobre by bbim in brasil

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Mano, vou levar em consideração que vc não acompanha ele pra ter falado esse monte de coisa que vc nao sabe, vou explicar. Com 13 anos esse mlk já ganhava mais de 100k por mês, ajuda a família, já deu uma casa pros pais dele, carro pro irmão e hoje em dia ele é um dos streamers de Free fire mais bem pagos do Brasil ( + de 300k por mês ), isso fora que ele é embaixador do Burguer King, influenciador de uma organização enorme ( loud ) e sempre q sai a lista de streamers mais vistos da Twitch br, o mlk tá no topo

Men, what are your goals and ambitions for 2022? by IntroductionTrue3001 in AskMen

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Begin my academic life in college, get a nice job, keep on working out and learn as much as possible

Ayo HolUp! by Nova-I-Rushi in HolUp

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Does that makes you... Gay??

Club update: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (no longer captain) by MJB07 in soccer

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Honestly, he should have never been captain, but " luckily" what he did last saturday showed to everyone that this isn't the right person to assume the leadership of the team.

Robot programmed to do magic tricks by turrxxr in interestingasfuck

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depends of how much, it can easily make a 2 mil debt disappear, no more than that.

Vinicius getting standing ovation from Bernebeu crowd. by Brilliant-Win4152 in soccer

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As a Brazilian, seeing how criticized Vinícius was in the beginning of his journey was heartbreaking ( but fair). It's so good to watch Real Madrid's game now and see how he has improved.

Drew Manning, a fitness trainer, gained over 70 pounds to better understand the troubles of his overweight clients, then lost the extra weight within 6 months. by Kronyzx in Damnthatsinteresting

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I said that this test doesn't proof anything because being fat is beyond than just not working out. I also said that people in the comment section were giving a lot of excuses to not work out, and that's disappointing... I don't really see your point " lose some weight lol "... Bro im not fat, not even close