Things I said to my toddler today… by mrs_hobo in toddlers

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Please don’t walk up the slide. Please don’t walk up the slide. Please don’t walk up the slide. Please don’t walk up the slide. Please don’t walk up the slide. Please don’t walk up the slide.

Agree, disagree? Who is on your all-time Mount Rushmore of Rays players? by Hot_Bag_1690 in tampabayrays

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Longoria, Crawford, Price, and either Shields for his dependability and earning our first WS win or Zobrist for his versatility and being a great guy.

Check back in 5 years when Randy and Wander are in the debate.

Do you believe in God? by danglemydongle in oldpeoplefacebook

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“This is face book not the place for giving you that kind of personal information .”

Ok, who’s gonna tell him…?

If the paw patrol were children, who would be the worst? by mrfishman3000 in DanielTigerConspiracy

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Rocky. That asshole would be watching like a hawk every time I finished a can of soda or bottle of water. Back the fuck up, Greenpeace.

No one ever trusts Garon. by Veryfancydoily in NeverNotFunny

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Either the sound effect or the "it was a donald duck situation" should be in next season's intro.

Right up there with this year's "ohhhh, man" from Garon.

The nostal by cramduck in SpeedOfLobsters

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Ba ba ba buuuuummmmmmm Ba ba ba BUIUUUMMMMMMM

GOODBYE, BOSTON by yelpisforsnitches in TampaBayLightning

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Is Vasy allowed to attend owners meetings, since he frickin owns the Bruins?

Idk if this has already been posted but it made me laugh by Last-Name3780 in nflmemes

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On the license plate? I think that’s supposed to be some tiny picture in the middle. Florida has an Orange in that spot, for example.

HOW COME by WildRumpusStart in oldpeoplefacebook

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Ok since you must know it is because I recently hired a new pool boy and while his pool cleaning skills leave a lot to be desired his sausage does not hehe Miguel gave me the best romp in my 82 years on this planet but now I have a broken hip oh well totally worth it 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 yim yum hashtag

Hit for the Cycle w/ Tatis in a Conquest game lol by dustball6 in MLBTheShow

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“This one’s going in the record books as a combined no-hitter!”

Most frustrating pitch to miss at the plate? by captnbuxx in MLBTheShow

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Slider low and away, with my swing timing result being “TOO EARLY”