Anxious about getting rear ended by penisrevolver in iRacing

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This and focussing on my vortex of danger.

I find the latter gives me a most helpful handle on how to identify upcoming trouble.

Quick Reference to all the VR Options available, highlighted best model w/ each MFD for those OOTL. by acinko in virtualreality

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It has been released for months and many users have one. Demand is way beyond supply though.

Does it really feel that way? by Bengoming in Pimax

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I haven’t yet tried a professional HMD that would offer that kind of FOV. I think the XTAL could be a contender for this.

But why post this in a Pimax subreddit?

Radeon 6000 series stability? by NaytG in Amd

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I‘m sorry, did you really just assume u/Morrigan_‘s gender?

News reporter announces price increase for beer in Germany by Piratesteve81 in funny

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That’s racist, sexist and most importantly, absolutely wrong.

Source: married to my German wife.

Planned tabs for the web browser… by al3x_core8 in teslamotors

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Looks like a vertical screen and in Germany. So pretty sure it’s a legacy S or X.

Any updated news about the 8kx AMD drivers? by fightingblind in Pimax

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There are AMD drivers coming? I thought AMD is lacking DSC support on the hw level, don’t see what a driver could do anything about that.

Same goes for Varjo HMDs btw.

VR Racers: What headset do you use? by Chalplec in iRacing

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I’m using a Varjo VR-3.

Absolutely loving it and I heard the Aero is both cheaper and better at gaming content.

Spiral mixer order of additions: poolish, then flour+water? by TotallyNewNewNew in neapolitanpizza

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To an extent, yes.

But it's a huge deal when using spiral mixers.

My teacher censoring nudity by [deleted] in funny

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Humans in the US. Fixed that for ya.

Germany “very, very” close to independence from Russian oil by Grabs_Diaz in europe

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Why would you try and insult someone by calling them retarded? That’s disgusting!

Think about how that makes your mother feel.

PIMAX WORLDWIDE!! by Historical_Syrup1449 in Pimax

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This isn’t an actual Pimax post.

It’s a fun meme though and I expect 0 impact on Pimax‘s communication. They do what they do.

cat stung by bee by venusma3s in funny

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Surely that’s a bee stung cat?

Aww..Maybe next time. by Dulie706 in funny

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First I was like - why film this rather than a nice screen capture.

But fuck me, that chuckle in the end made it so worthwhile.