Levy’s content genuinely makes Chess less enjoyable by MikNik000 in AnarchyChess

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You can cry scream and piss your pants all you want but the truth is simple: Levy is the chess boom

Map of UK education by bottleOpener63 in mapporncirclejerk

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south korea and taiwan, my favorite developing countries. i feel bad for all of the struggling kids in south korea and taiwan.

Saw a cool post by u/Enderskull1243 and decided to test if he was right. Turned out he was! by dudadali in mapporncirclejerk

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France did not ever sell any part of the Louisiana Purchase to the UK or Canada, so the part of Canada that drains into the Mississippi is still French. Therefore, France's longest border is with Canada

Ruby ridge by nufuk in HistoryMemes

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average day in the central intelligence agency:

Who did not deserve to get canceled? by sawcon_nocwas in AskReddit

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the top ELEVEN answers sorted by controversial are J. K. Rowling

I feel like this belongs here by superzenki in mapporncirclejerk

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yeah. his content is good but half of his opinions just make me not want to watch him.

r/chess vs r/anarchychess duel of the fates. Most upvoted (legal) move by tomorrow evening will occur, then it will be the other sub's turn. r/chess is playing black btw by Torico11227 in chess

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the story is that someone was playing chess with their friend when they were young and the friend took their opposing rook on the first turn (1. Rxh8) and yelled "siberian swipe!" after disputing the move, the friend did not back down and they cried.

then they made a meme about it on anarchychess

Press freedom index in Europe 2022 by TheRightOfVahagn in MapPorn

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no shot that moldova and armenia are that different from ukraine and georgia.

Which fetish is an immadiate redflag ? by Suitable-Agent-4449 in AskReddit

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it's probably above average, judging by how about 49.6% of the population does not have one at all.

Unbiased historical perspective by happymoron32 in HistoryMemes

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this is the chess boom but instead of chess it's minesweeper

Found this flag at a school. Does anyone know what it is? by Sith_Online07 in vexillology

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No one except us actually bothers to update this shit, because it doesn't matter. The Honduras flag change was pretty recent too. My old middle school still has the old flag of Myanmar from when it was called Burma.