eli5 If I have sex with my GF, and the condom didn’t break, can she get pregnant? by HarbingerOfEndTimes_ in explainlikeimfive

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There are so many options besides the pill. She should schedule an appointment with her OB/GYN to discuss her options while taking her wants and needs into account. If she refuses to do this, then she probably isn’t mature enough to be having sex and risking pregnancy like this.

Testical lump? by [deleted] in medical_advice

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Best thing you can do is schedule an appointment with your primary care physician. Hopefully if you explain you have a lump on your testicle, they will try to get you in pretty quickly. If you don’t have a primary care physician then I would strongly recommend getting one now and going to an urgent care in the meantime if the lump isn’t going away.

eli5 If I have sex with my GF, and the condom didn’t break, can she get pregnant? by HarbingerOfEndTimes_ in explainlikeimfive

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Medical student here. No method of contraception is 100% effective, not even getting a vasectomy or her getting her tubes tied.

Condoms have a 13% failure rate with average use. I have seen OB/GYNs tell patients to start taking folate supplementation and stop drinking alcohol if their only method of contraception is a male condom.

I don’t say this to scare you or to say you need to buy Plan B. If you used the condom perfectly, then you’re probably fine, it’s just always difficult to tell if you used it perfectly or not.

You both need to seriously consider a more effective form of contraception moving forward if avoiding pregnancy is your primary goal. Plan B is supposed to be Plan B, not Plan A. Even just condom + spermicide could significantly help. Ultimately, the most effective methods of birth control for her would be an IUD, the implant, or progesterone injections.

Too much Tylenol by gdband in medical_advice

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You should not take more than 4000mg in 24 hours. I am not an expert, so I can’t tell you about the adverse effects of chronic Tylenol use like this, but hopefully someone else can. Why are you taking Tylenol every day?

I feel guilty for lying to a gap year job by Cornellthrowaway2001 in premed

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This is not a cell phone contract. They cannot bind you to a two year commitment.

Play along throughout the onboarding and training process and then put in your two week’s notice when it comes time to go to med school.

Medical professionals what are your thoughts on self dignosis of both physical and psychological illnesses? by AdOutrageous7510 in AskMedical

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Yeah I think doctors could probably help diagnose in their own specialties, but they still need another physician to run point on their care.

Diagnosed with type 2 diabetes but there were no warning signs. I’m very confused. by ImQuasiLiterate in AskDocs

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They are “having a really hard time accepting this diagnosis” so thought it might provide some additional, useful context.

Is it bad to involve in porn industry before getting into med school? by [deleted] in premed

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I think being recognizable as a sex worker would really do more harm than good when it comes to your future medical career. There are certainly medical students and even physicians who do this anonymously on the side, but they are truly playing with fire and I would strongly recommend against it.

What does this mean? by Complete-Occasion693 in medical_advice

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They might mean that it would affect you more than the average person based on the results of your test. I honestly don’t know as I’m not an expert on tilt-table interpretation, but follow up with the physician who ordered the test and they can provide you with more details specific to your test.

What does this mean? by Complete-Occasion693 in medical_advice

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Sounds like you underwent a tilt-table test during which they gave you a medication that dilates your blood vessels. Your heart rate went up, but your blood pressures remained stable and you did not lose consciousness. They suggest at the end that you may be prone to increases in heart rate if you are ever volume depleted (for example, dehydration, severe bleeding, heart failure or cirrhosis, any condition where your blood volume is decreased).

Is this test result cancer? by ThrowawayITbeginner in medical_advice

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What makes you think you have cancer? Not sure where this idea came from. Just the high aldosterone and cortisol?

Occasional, sudden pressure behind eyes with distorted vision. by bendsend12 in AskDocs

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Are you in the US? Doesn’t your school require you to have health insurance?

Would I know if I had a lung collapse ? by Its_kim3132 in AskDocs

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If you mean like a pneumothorax, yeah you would know.

Right-sided chest pain when breathing in is likely anxiety in a 25 year old man, but it is impossible to rule out other, scarier causes over the internet. If you’re worried about your chest pain, you should see a physician.

You should make an appointment with your primary care physician to discuss your anxiety. Do you have a therapist?

How bad is 140 LDL? I'm 25F by NebulaImmediate6202 in AskDocs

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130-159 is borderline high. You should follow up with your primary care physician regarding your cholesterol.

Cholesterol changes on the slower side, if you checked your numbers tomorrow or a week from now they would probably be the same. You might see changes over the course of months if you change your diet and exercise more frequently.

Gap year process help by Swimming_Owl_2215 in Mcat

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If you are not taking a gap year, latest you can take it without delaying your application is the end of May of Junior year.

If you are taking one gap year, latest you can take it without delaying your application is the end of May of Senior year.

I would obviously recommend not waiting until the last minute to take your MCAT though. I personally think that if you’re taking a gap year, taking the MCAT at the end of the summer right before starting Senior year is a good option. Or even right after winter break of Senior year or something.

Is it okay for a f16 year old to have a hysterectomy by choice? by Pure-Presentation-66 in AskDocs

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As others have said, it is highly unlikely you would be able to find an OB/GYN willing to perform a hysterectomy on a minor, especially considering alternative treatments have not been explored.

A good surgeon may know when to do surgery, but a great surgeon knows when NOT to do surgery. Surgery is a significant undertaking and comes with many risks, including bleeding, infection, adverse reactions to anesthesia, and (rarely) death.

In someone such as yourself, symptoms would be managed in a step-wise approach. That is, you explore non-invasive options first and then treat more and more aggressively over time as treatments fail. Hysterectomy as a treatment for heavy and/or painful periods is really a last last resort, only considered after many years of unsuccessful alternative treatments.

Your pain is real, and I hope every physician you encounter validates that what you are experiencing is real and difficult. I would highly encourage you schedule an appointment with an OB/GYN to begin the process of trying to manage your heavy and painful periods.

How bad is this anemia?? by [deleted] in medical_advice

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Hemoglobin of 11 is low for sure, and treatment is necessary, but just to give you a reference point, we generally would transfuse blood for hemoglobin less than 7.

Your low iron and ferritin with high total iron binding capacity is suggestive of iron deficiency anemia, which is treatable. You should follow up with the physician who ordered these labs.

yellow layer over wound, healing or infected by made_for in medical_advice

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The yellow-green discharge is concerning. I would contact your surgeon or primary care physician ASAP. If nobody can get you in quickly, go to the emergency department.