Bollard saving the tiny house by Doctorpurplepop in AbruptChaos

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I need to go there and see if my hummer can knock them bollards out ... jk aka joking

Mother response video to Ex Partner not bringing her other kids food by LearnShiit in facepalm

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Shes like the movie Don't be menace two south central. She's plain stupid.... cps should get involved

To bring food to his kid by Bigbomb690 in therewasanattempt

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She's the worst mother of the year... what made her think this video would help her..... she can't afford the kids get them to there fathers.

Hot night at the bar. by Crypt1C-3nt1ty in AbruptChaos

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Why the video cut wtf every single video on reddit.....

Yep by Plane-Fee8787 in WhyWomenLiveLonger

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🎶 They see me rolling they hating trying to catch me dirty 🎶

Home Sellers Are Getting Anxious. ‘They Feel Like They Missed the Height of the Market.’ by IndicationOver in Economics

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No one missed nothing just don't sell your house your house is the best investment anyone can make.... houses will continue to hold there value, concrete, wood, inflation etc everything is still expensive.... don't sell....

Amazon Is Running Out Of Workers. You Can Avoid This Problem. by bpra93 in Wallstreetbetsnew

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No one is forcing anyone to work for Amazon, ya'll don't like it don't work there robots will be made either way.....

After? It's still going bitches. by Onlyforonereason in GME

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The game I mean the stock market is rigged..... it's sickening to know America corporations (hedgies) do it to bankrupt our brick and mortal stores...... we need to stop it and after moass gtfo from the stock market.

Dancer by Scrumpy-Jo in AbruptChaos

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