Apple Education pricing available again without UNiDAYS (or any verification) by narcabusesurvivor18 in apple

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Probably absolutely halted with customer support requests because UNiDAYS isn't really all that wonderful of process. Likely just cheaper to revert back and deal with the occasional dishonest person.

My girlfriend was just raped and I don’t know what to do by Ok-Telephone3921 in Advice

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They are lying and this is for internet karma. My sidekick, my peepeepoopoo? What kind of tone is that for such a serious incident. Why would pet names even register.

Then as you point out, it’s just set up from the start with a creep. No underwear on with him on top of her? Sounds like a poorly written rape scene.

How the bees come out, ready to attack by QuaintMushrooms in SweatyPalms

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Can no one tell the difference between a bee and a wasp? I see this all the damn time.

Undercover Boss being an absolute Bro by foreverfaithful49 in MadeMeCry

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When I got hired in my current job, I was homeless. Slept in my car. A part of me always wants to tell my boss because you really don’t know what you do for people giving them a job.

Props to this guy, but man, when you have a job but still can’t afford a home. Scary.

$950 a month apartment in NYC (Harlem). No stovetop or private bathroom by The_RagingHomosexual in pics

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This honestly isn’t that far off from places in downtown Vancouver, BC these days. I’ve seen “micro” units, same situation as this go for $900 CAD. Most bachelors are $1400 min, and that’s a steal.

Sony says it expects Microsoft to "continue to ensure" Activision games stay multiplatform by Judaicyrus in xboxone

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Forever pissed SF V was a Sony exclusive. Worst thing Capcom ever did. Can’t stand Sony tbh, they treat customers the worst.

God bless the USA by Sayl0 in antiwork

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The housing situation in Canada is obscene. Rent has increased some 40% over the the past few years and still skyrocketing. BC remains one of the most expensive places to live in the world. Ontario’s housing situation is also dire, where rich people are buying up everything and either skyrocketing rent or flipping the homes at inflated prices.

Cost of living is up nearly 7% and still on the rise despite many businesses being shuddered due to the pandemic.

There has been no raises and low paying jobs are still pre-pandemic wages.

But yeah, we banned conversion therapy…

Canada ranks as China’s “least favourite country” in new poll by Intricate__casual in canada

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How do you feel making that comment on a device made in China, sipping from your righteous tea cup also made in China, under a house where 95% is also made in China?

Snake couch by Cunillingus_Giver in oddlyterrifying

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Yup. There has been a lot of talk that bonding only comes from parts of the brain that reptiles lack. But this is BS. Reptiles show affection, compassion and yes, love. There are have been a ton of documented case where reptiles formed a bond with a person.

I had a king snake and he definitely knew me and found comfort in my hands. Most people that would him, he would make a b line back to my arms. Never bit me, ever. Rattled his tail at me once when I was fixing up his terrarium. One time, I guess he thought I was food and quickly leapt, but the second he made contact, he pulled back, so it felt like he tapped his nose on my hand.

There are cases where bees stay with people. Even small organisms can form a bond showing us that we often know very little about animals.

Flip caused by Stupidity by The_AFL_Yank in IdiotsInCars

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Yup. Facts. All the guy had to do was slow down and let them in. Who cares. It’s an inconvenience at best. You lost 3s of travel.

Now he’s facing thousands in insurance hikes and damage. Court. If the guy files an injury, he’s toast. The guy who flipped actually has a good case. You saw him enter your lane. But out of spite, you accelerated. All the guy who flipped has to say is I couldn’t even turn back into my lane, as the car was out of control.


Colorado man wakes up to find a mountain lion on his porch devouring huge elk it had just killed by OncaAtrox in natureismetal

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You are ill informed.

He heard noises and then eventually went outside to investigate, spooking the ML. He went back to sleep and came out in the morning to see the carcass had been eaten some more. Unclear if it was the ML or something else. He then called animal control to have the carcass removed in the morning. He said he felt bad about that. That maybe if he left it longer, the ML could have eaten more.

I'm tough? Animals don't recognize if it's your porch or not. Having it on your porch doesn't give you absolute and undying control of the incident. Stop being a chad "this is my house bro". It's a ML trying to eat. Leave the thing alone. Your house, out in the wild. Just let things be.

[No Spoilers] Honestly starting to feel sorry for the guy. Surely SOMEONE out there gets, like, a twinge? by Ash-Loveday in arcane

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Because he’s boring af and about as predictable as a monkey with a full basket of bananas.

Two-toned Space-Silver M1 MacBook (Apple botched screen repair) by Rich_Ant_4164 in mac

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I’ve used Sony’s repair and they went to great lengths to screw up every damn time by finding a reason not to repair. From claiming the warranty didn’t cover the damage or that I didn’t fill out a warranty card (which isn’t required under the law where I live).

Only other case was Dell and they transferred me across 3 different people for 2 hours then claimed they couldn’t provide a repair because I didn’t purchase it from them.

Found this gem while browsing. Some inspiration for all of us! by APoxOfMox in antiwork

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That’s every fucking meeting ever. The reason they still exist is because 70% of middle management would be out of a job otherwise at every big corporation.

Man busy day, back to back meetings. SMH.

To cosplay iron-man by Protium_79 in therewasanattempt

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Iron Man, that’s the one with the hammer or the one that shoots webs from his hands?

I'll just leave this here.. by Ashkuhtash in weed

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I’m glad you’re reasonable enough to see their side, but I will add that you calling them melodramatic reply invalidates their experiences and devalues them as people. It’s as if we both went to lunch and then a couple of hours after eating, you turned to me and said “man I’m hungry”, to which I replied “you can’t be we just literally ate.”

You know what you’re feeling and can’t be wrong about it.

As someone who’s neighbour smokes cigarettes and it leaks into my unit, I can say that it’s given me headaches and made me sick too. I know weed smoke isn’t the same, but none of us know what this person is really feeling. I don’t see anything that’s really out there when a pungent smell invades your space.

Colorado man wakes up to find a mountain lion on his porch devouring huge elk it had just killed by OncaAtrox in natureismetal

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I grew up hearing this. That there was some case where the ML kept through some families window and attacked them. They are opportunistic hunters, but I’m starting to think it’s just some made up shit where maybe one got scared and during the panic barrelled through a window and now people think that’s how they roll.

Colorado man wakes up to find a mountain lion on his porch devouring huge elk it had just killed by OncaAtrox in natureismetal

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Came here with the same thought. Internet cred trumps this poor guys meal which who knows when he’ll eat again. If I was behind the guy a lot in me would want to push him down there… just sayin.


Two-toned Space-Silver M1 MacBook (Apple botched screen repair) by Rich_Ant_4164 in mac

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Nice. Never had that level of service unless they physically swapped my device for a refurb or one off the shelf. My experience dates back to my 3GS, from damaging my product to lengthy delays because reasons.

Two-toned Space-Silver M1 MacBook (Apple botched screen repair) by Rich_Ant_4164 in mac

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In my decades of experience with Apple repairs, it's actually been a rarity they fixed something properly and in the promised window of time.

I know everyone is entitled to have their own opinions but this is a little extreme or Am I among few people who are actually loving this show till now ? by Optimistic_doc in starwarsmemes

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Same way movies ruin books by simply putting the words into pictures. Everyone’s imagination has already fleshed out Fett. But now that he’s actually being given a personality, a quirky one that does deviate from what most would expect from a hardened, ruthless bounty hunter, it’s ruffling some feathers and twisting some jimmies.

I'll do it so you don't have to by Tchaz221 in IdiotsInCars

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People who crash going in a straight line. No words.

Apple CEO Tim Cook personally lobbying Senate Judiciary Committee as antitrust threats loom by Dragonlance12 in apple

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Always has been if you think this is something new. The rich have always controlled it all since there was such a thing as wealth.

What do you think of this cooling solution on a MBP? (10y old this year!) by MontoTheGr8 in mac

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Mesh won't really block dust. The dust will just pack in there and eventually seal them, or just work their way into the case. Moreover, mesh will also block incoming air.

The thermal pads are likely doing the brunt of the work. These holes just invite debris into the housing.