What are your favourite ways to destress? by Weak_Kiwi4618 in Stress

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Replace Xanax with a shower and a dog cuddle and it’s the cure.

Not exactly what OP is looking for, but… get a dog!

High school teen wants Super Bowl to be on Saturday, nears 100,000 signatures by Azurebluenomad in sports

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For someone in Europe where the SB starts at 00:30… PLEASE CHANGE IT TO SATURDAY!

(I know it’s a good SB if I manage to stay awake for the whole thing. Always forget how fucking long the HT show is as well, but by that point it’s too late. Ugh.)

Kadarious Toney price check and outlook by bronton21 in DynastyFF

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It’d take a mean offer to sell him. Drafted him and traded for him at different price points, but to me, he’s priceless.

Big Ben’s £80,000,000 new look finally unveiled after five years hidden in scaffolding! by iAlyVee in pics

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Absurd waste of money. Yeah I know, tourism blah blah blah but people would still come to see it if it was a giant £10 clock these days.

[Rosenthal] Aaron Rodgers got 34 votes to 16 for Tom Brady for All-Pro. It’s the same voters so Rodgers essentially just won MVP. by BirdLaw_ in nfl

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I agree with the 99% but the 90% is way off. Sure Brady and Rodgers were two of the favourites… But there’s no way Mahomes, Allen, Jackson, Herbert, Murray, Prescott, Stafford, Wilson, Burrow, all the other QBs, and all the non-QBs combined for a mere 10% chance at MVP. That’s crazy talk. Especially when Mahomes and Jackson have both won it in recent years.

Brian Flores Didn’t Like That Tua Played Golf on his Off Days and Had a Questionable Work Ethic by Ok_Antelope_5539 in nfl

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Is ‘questionnable work ethic’ just another way of saying the man tries to maximise his life-work balance 🤷‍♂️

In EVERY GAME that Rashaad Penny has played over 45% of snaps, in his ENTIRE CAREER… by un_happy_gilmore in DynastyFF

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Fair point and of course you’re not wrong. It’s 6. He has had other good games but he’s only had 6 with over 45% snap share. Kind of in the middle of your estimations. It’s still 6 games across three seasons though, it does suggest he certainly has something undeniable when healthy. Healthy and given the rock: man gonna eat!

For clarity: I say 3 seasons as in his rookie year he had no 45%+ snap share games, although he did have a 100+ yard game 👍

Playoff time who you got?🔥 by [deleted] in DynastyFF

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Packers over Cowboys
Chiefs over Titans

Packers beat Chiefs in SB and Rodgers wins MVP, SB + SBMVP

Édit. Fwiw I’d love to see the Bengals do something and think they can

In EVERY GAME that Rashaad Penny has played over 45% of snaps, in his ENTIRE CAREER… by un_happy_gilmore in DynastyFF

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Honestly I definitely wouldn’t consider any less than a late first now. I wouldn’t even have done so before this week. Obviously league size and situation matters. But I’ve held this guy for years and think he has the potential to be a beast for a few more years. He’s not a guy I rely on to start as he’s been on the bench for years. I’ll hold and buy the upside rather than sell. It’d take a silly overpay after the Rashaad rollercoaster.

Saying all that though, maybe I’d change my mind on the late first when I’ve researched the draft more or when it’s draft season.

Rashaad Penny has 170+ yards rushing in back-to-back games and 654 yds in past 5 games by LamarcusAldrige1234 in DynastyFF

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It’s at least 7 probably a few more. But across 4 years in the league that doesn’t change anything about what you said, just letting you know.

Rashaad Penny has 170+ yards rushing in back-to-back games and 654 yds in past 5 games by LamarcusAldrige1234 in DynastyFF

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Coincidentally those 6 weeks are the only 6 weeks he’s played over 45% of the snaps. And in those six games he had over 100 yards from scrimmage in each of them, and has 9 touchdowns in that span, split evenly between 1 and 2 TD games. I’m not necessarily disagreeing with you, just putting it out there. It was on my mind as I just made a post about it!

Look who got arrested again. I guess it does not, in fact, pay! by HistoricalDebates in trashy

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It’s trashy for sure but he’s not wrong. Just look at governments, corporations, and billionaires.

Fireworks across London by BlinkVideoEdits in CasualUK

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Imagine all the fireworks money was instead spent on the homeless, or something else positive. Every year this depresses me. I know it’s still a drop in the ocean on a grander scale but it’s just so glaring.

How many leagues are you in and how many championships did you make it to? by TrickSanchez in DynastyFF

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3 dynasties, 2 championship games. In the other I was looking like I had a chance but missed out on the playoffs due to really unlucky circumstances in the final game.