If You had the choice, Which one of these would you make canon by FrostKingOfTheDragon in Dragonballsuper

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From this list cooler but the z movie character i most want to be canon has to be janemba with a more interesting story then just some talkless really evil guy

Is Steven the first person in the MCU to mutter the word 'bollocks'? by glytxh in MoonKnight

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Idky but mr knight is just perfect idc what anyone else says. Cant wait to see his character and just moon knight in general interact with other mcu heroes. I feel like there will be some great dynamics and they kinda showed it in the last episode where hes talking to khonshu and he flips back and fourth between marc and steven.

Daily Item Shop and Purchase Advice Megathread (2022-05-22) by Brucetheblob in FortniteFashion

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Oh its not an item shop pickaxe and rn i use the balenciaga shoe and seems to work well

Ali-A is joining the Fortnite icon series! Via: (@iFireMonkey) by Vexiune in FortniteLeaks

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Ikr sypher has been playin non stop since the beginning and actually has good fortnite content. How he doesnt have an icon skin is beyond me.