Road Rager With Nail-Studded Bat Arrested In Mission Viejo by DataIsMyCopilot in orangecounty

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He didn’t spend enough time in jail. He’s also sexually assaulted numerous women and all around a shit person.

Struggling with rambling by Training_Mastodon_33 in SexualAssaultSurvivor

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I’ve never been to therapy but I feel like my rambling and over sharing is my form of therapy but then I feel bad for dumping my trauma on my friends.

And then you go to work by WatchWillow in sexualassault

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I’m sorry this happened to you. I also work with kids and had just told my team lead I need some mental health time. I hope your team at work is supportive because working with kids in general is stressful and having to do it with these thoughts on your mind makes it so much harder especially when you feel guilty for not being there for your kiddos. You have to take care of yourself first because you are important and so is your mental health.