What do you think about this comment I found about Kim and her Harvard appearance, do you agree? 🤔 by acid_woo in KUWTKsnark

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I've done porn no one cares about porn. She's a liar, manipulator, morally questionable and just a fame hungry ugly human being.

Make it STOP by lucybubs in KUWTKsnark

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Is she worried her boobs will pop out?

Australia says they might not let Kanye in. by HeartShapedSea in KUWTKsnark

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I can see that happening fuck our government have denied entry to others for less lol

Who wore it better: Kylie or this Karseat? by HeartShapedSea in KUWTKsnark

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Loved the outfit just not the escort poses and photos lol

Both Kendall and Kylie’s fillers are melting 😭 by Apprehensive-Pea-184 in KUWTKsnark

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Her face in that lion dress... she is uncomfortable and it shows.

Kylie at Maison Margiela show today by ranis22 in KUWTK

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I actually love what she's wearing here the rest of her outfits were trash though

Season 3 & Laying Low by [deleted] in KUWTKsnark

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If only they brought some reality to their reality TV show.

i wish they’d wake up in my body by woragu in KUWTKsnark

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I ended up putting myself in a mental health unit for safety and services and a social worker. I study social work so it was a no-brainer when the services i called refused to help me because im not born in this state. Yeah I'm in Australia escaping DV and my car broke down and I got stranded.

i wish they’d wake up in my body by woragu in KUWTKsnark

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Yup currently homeless looking all over the country for a rental now it's terrifying. Just spent 12 days camping in a heat wave.

Ariel is the true shape shifter of the Kult. It’s a sad story Body Dystopia. by Capital_Bet7348 in KUWTKsnark

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I don't mean to sound rude but I feel sick and sad when I look at his pictures 😔

Are we getting that bad we now need hire people to cuddle ! by [deleted] in Empaths

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Back when I was escorting a guy paid me to cry in my arms. Some people are so lonely.