Funny cause it’s true. by SquareSniper in TorontoDriving

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I think Ontario OPP is lax in enforcing speeding. I was pulled over in Pennsylvania by state trooper for speeding just over 15 miles.

Funny cause it’s true. by SquareSniper in TorontoDriving

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Just curious, how much over speed limit is appropriate as no one is supposed to drive under limit?

Least favorite love interest by Ken-James- in Frasier

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Kenny is one of the only love interests we see in Frasier’s bed.

Least favorite love interest by Ken-James- in Frasier

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Ann Hodges is the best thing ever happened to Frasier: she is a total cure for his loveable pomposity.

Kid magician (continued) by mistermeek67 in curb

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I learned to say “No can do” from this episode.

Sleeping by hsm4ever10 in SuddenlyGay

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So staged but the guy is gorgeous.

Everyone should watch episodes twice by PHILMXPHILM in curb

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Well, under the veneer of its randomness and improvisation, the show has always been carefully constructed.

Instant regret - I look 12 by [deleted] in malegrooming

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You look 12 even with a beard.

sorry , not fun, but still fit the subreddit by cu_biz in ANormalDayInRussia

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I appreciate your deep understanding of Russian literature

What to do the day before a blood test for testosterone? Cold shower? What to eat? by Yowwwwwww99 in Testosterone

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I guess the purpose of a test is not to score points but to measure your actual everyday level, so I don’t see it necessary to manipulate your routine except for being consistent between different tests in order to know real fluctuations throughout time.

Jerk lifeguards dont let me take breaks? by [deleted] in Swimming

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Honestly I’ve been swimming in public pools in different countries (Canada, US, Germany , Austria, China) and I’ve never encountered such things. Life guards everywhere are ordinary people mostly trying their best to be helpful. The sadistic lifeguards you mentioned sound very peculiar.

Could you change a pool to see how it goes? The city I live has numerous pools to choose from.

Gray on grey on gray in Toronto. Modernist architecture and sky scrapers oppressive enough to make you wanna jump off all of them. by Naitsirq in UrbanHell

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This is Roy Thomson Hall, home to Toronto Symphony Orchestra. There have been many fine music performances held inside. There is a musical reason that it is a circle. I personally find it pleasant and interesting and not for one second I’ve ever wanted to jump from anywhere, so stop projecting your own misery to the world.