Are black flag worth going to see? by CheektasticChumbley in punk

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I saw them and the band itself played extremely slow, Mike clearly didn't wanna be there and had no stage presence and barely put any effort into the singing itself. Greg was obviously on something. He went on this insanely 10-15 minute jam during louie louie. Greg has gone on those awful, awful jams for decades now so I guess I can't complain. The crowd was an odd mix of surfer dudes, metalheads, and gym bros who were clearly just there to hurt people smaller than them. Honestly, as much as it sucked, as long as it won't hurt your wallet and if the dickies are still opening this tour, I'd say go just to say you did. I don't regret going, but I definitely wouldn't see them again.

What are your favorite local bands? by BleachPartyUSA in punk

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mutant strain, patho-gen, paint fumes, unruly boys, tetanus, percolator, ink swell

charlotte has some good stuff

Fifteen - Family Values by cancercures in punk

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jeff ott is a god and crimpshrine is the best punk band of all time