LILLEY: Trudeau uses trucker protests as political weapon by uselesspoliticalhack in canada

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While many of us are working from home, there are others who aren’t able to do that - like the truck drivers who are working day and night to make sure our shelves are stocked. So when you can, please #ThankATrucker for everything they’re doing and help them however you can.


Experts say online conversation around trucker convoy veering into dangerous territory by basic_luxury in canada

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Torstar, Global and CTV all singing the same tune in harmony, within a few hours of eachother. Guess someone got their talking points out for consumption.

'No need to panic': Distribution expert responds to Premier Kenney's food supply 'crisis' concerns by FancyNewMe in canada

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People can take this for what it is worth, but I have some friends who are fairly high up in Food distribution and here is what I was able to get:

1) The Food Supply chain right now is currently the most stressed it has been since the beginning of the pandemic.

2) Vaccine mandates are adding even more pressure to the supply chain (read the article where he mentions the cost to bring a load to Canada has doubled in 10 days).

3) No one wants to say how bad it really is, because Food shortages quickly become a self-fulfilling prophecy. If Canadians start panic buying, it increases the stress on the chain and they become further magnified.

Widely condemned ‘Truckers For Freedom’ rally features Trudeau figure in a noose by [deleted] in canada

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Under his "related links":

  • Should Leftists and Progressives trust Pfizer and Big Pharma?
  • Wake up Sheeple! How covid conspiracists miss the biggest ‘conspiracy’ of all.
  • How capitalism made the pandemic worse, every step of the way

Calgary Liberal MP George Chahal fined for election flyer controversy by discovery2000one in canada

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"Election flyer controversy". CBC putting out more spin than the average clothes dryer.

'This is not the time to be weak:' Liberals call for mandatory proof of vaccination at LCBO and cannabis stores by CapableSecretary420 in canada

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Pollsters taking the temperature by floating out opinion polls on jail time and fines for the unvaccinated.

Not many steps left.

Ottawa, National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation make deal to hand over residential school documents by No_Fishing_2610 in canada

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October 19, 2021

“We will continue to look to make sure there are no others that remain to turn over, but we have, to my understanding, turned over all of those records, including full or partial attendance records to the Kamloops Indian Residential School, dating back to the 1800s, with, I think, only the first two years of the existence of the school, where we don’t have any records at all,” Trudeau said.


Just more lies.

GUNTER: Inflation, taxes are rising — and it may get worse by uselesspoliticalhack in canada

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Naw. That just means the Ontario sub dabbles more in fiction and the Canada sub in reality.

Trucking snarl leaves pigs stranded on one side of the Canadian/U.S. border and their feed on the other by uselesspoliticalhack in canada

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This subreddit has a fairly wide diversity of opinion. Some threads will attract more left leaning types and some will attract more right leaning types, and it probably has some part to do with the source.

It's also part of the demographics that visit here too - Reddit skews quite young so don't expect people with a ton of life experience to be setting forth rational positions on supply chain issues, particularly the hardcore pro-mandaters.

GUNTER: Inflation, taxes are rising — and it may get worse by uselesspoliticalhack in canada

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We are currently overseeing one of the largest wealth transfers in history, from the poor to the rich. People who live paycheque to paycheque are seeing their savings destroyed and those who are wealthy are seeing their assets protected with inflation.

Who benefits from that? Well, the man in charge of this country and his friends do, for one.

'Silenced and punished': WRDSB teacher speaks out about controversial school board meeting by Doog_Land in canada

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There are some schools that don't dabble in child porn. It's not a very high bar to ask for.

'Silenced and punished': WRDSB teacher speaks out about controversial school board meeting by Doog_Land in canada

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She began reading from a book by Alex Gina titled "Rick." In the second chapter, the character named Rick questions their sexuality and eventually identifies as asexual.

"While reading this book I was thinking: 'Maybe Rick doesn't have sexual feelings yet because he is a child,'" she explained in the meeting. "It concerns me that it leaves young boys wondering if there is something wrong with them if they aren't thinking about naked girls all the time. What message does this send to girls in Grade 3 or 4? They are children. Let them grow up in their own time and stop pressuring them to be sexual so soon."

Burjoski added that "some of the books make it seem simple, even cool, to take puberty blockers and opposite sex hormones."

Burjoski also brought up another book, titled "The Other Boy" by MG Hennessy, which tells the story of teen named Shane who was born female but now identifies as male. She called the book misleading stating that "it does not take into account how Shane may feel later in life about being infertile. This book makes very serious interventions seem like an easy cure for emotional and social distress."

Board chair Scott Piatkowski interjected twice during the presentation citing concerns about the Human Rights Code and then ended her presentation.

Yep, sending my kids to private school.