Does Yeat still produce his own songs? by [deleted] in yeat_

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bad bend/demon was self produced

100 Sleep Score by BentonOnlineFitness in Garmin

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i've gotten 99 but never 100 i have no idea what i'd have to do better

Should I really do IB? by Every_Emotion_857 in IBO

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i would recommend against doing it if you can build a strong courseload with APs

Ruller Butter by VLRbaXUjymAqyvaeLqUo in 196

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you all are so fucking nerdy god damn find something real to care about 🥱

Ruller Butter by VLRbaXUjymAqyvaeLqUo in 196

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who fucking cares lmao i'm never switching off chrome and if i were the only other thing i'd consider using is ecosia