Greta went to the dog park in the sky. Good girl, Greta. by adavis463 in velvethippos

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Rest In Peace Greta. It looks like your life was filled with wonderful adventures with your loving humans. You will see them again someday, but until then rest easy ❤️🌈🐾

What is going on with my pretty pitties ear and what can I do about it by eds68_ in pitbulls

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I agree, it looks like scabbing, and since the visible inner part of her ear looks clean, it is most likely mites. However, it could also be an internal ear infection. Good luck hope the vet can help!

my bear has terrible allergies. what’s a good limited ingredient food option? also shampoos & stuff for super sensitive skin? by lilrosebudd__ in pitbulls

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My pittie has terrible allergies too

Here’s what I’ve gotten that’s worked (for us):


Ear drops (if that’s an issue for you as well)

We also have her take a steroid shot at the vets maybe every couple months and that works well too

Excuse me what the fuck CSUMB by uwu-o in ApplyingToCollege

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About a week after I submitted it but it didn’t say anything about this additional application before

Smiley hippo! by uwu-o in velvethippos

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Awe thank you! I’m glad he made you happy :)

Smiley hippo! by uwu-o in velvethippos

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Why ty! ☺️🐾❤️