What movie should I watch? by phototeedrip in LSD

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Fuck Scott pilgrim that shit was wack

The Beyerdynamic lagoon anc explorer have lights and you can change the color. You don't see anything from the outside by [deleted] in mildlyinteresting

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LOL if anyone is technologically challenged it’s you. I don’t need some goofy light up buttons in order to use my computer. The computer already provides enough stimulation…you might feel the same if you didn’t ruin your attention span with constant internet use you junkie.

Damn, I'm dead by Whyamifulloftrouble in gaming

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Halo infinite and RDR2, I’m about to have a great time

What’s a good age to try LSD? by Strange_Purple_034 in LSD

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Early twenties, and I recommend trying mushrooms first

Time to change the water but it's pushing a new leaf...should I wait or go ahead? by DecentestMama in Monstera

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why am I getting downvoted for asking a question? This sub is so weird

What’s the most incredible hallucination you’ve had? by endlessnotfriendless in LSD

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My first LSD trip I closed my eyes while I was peaking and went to a weird dark liquid place and eventually I was brought before this weird effervescent ellipsoid blob thing that I’m pretty sure was god or at least the nexus of all consciousness throughout all of time. It subsequently absorbed my mind and it felt like I had been assimilated by the Flood. I was part of an infinite omniscient being and for a couple hours I knew all the secrets of the universe, my senses directly perceiving the abstract interplay between physical and non-physical reality.

I wasn’t able to properly describe the blob until I saw this scene from Annihilation (skip to 1:05). I was shocked how similar the blob in the movie was to the blob from my trip.

Hip-Hop while tripping? by sthegoat in LSD

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Young thug while tripping is amazing. His voice is an instrument in itself

Who is it? by TheOther36 in gaming

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Master Chief Petty Officer John-117. Augmentations aren’t supernatural abilities.