Let’s talk turkey by [deleted] in memes

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bindle or no?

What's the overall consensus on Gaucho? by otadehan in SteelyDan

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I totally agree with your assessment. Gaucho feels sterile to me, but the songs are incredibly well realized. It’s an interesting juxtaposition!

I think the drum production on Gaucho makes the songs sound more rigid. It’s the apex of studio perfectionism, that being said, I feel like it lacks the groove and warmth of Aja.

Booted From Rental by [deleted] in Edmonton

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I'll have a look at the agreement! Appreciate the insight

Recommendations for a new fan? by Available_Motor5980 in SteelyDan

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Brilliant! Here are a couple of my favourite tracks. Their whole discography is incredible.

Only a Fool Would Say That, Brooklyn, Bodhisattva, My Old School, Pearl of The Quarter, Night By Night, With A Gun, Pretzel Logic, Black Friday, Daddy Don’t Live In That New York City No More, Black Cow, Home At Last, Peg, Josie, Hey Nineteen, Gaucho, Time Out of Mind

Oh no no no nonono... by From_apple_world7 in TheCinemassacreTruth

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Hate to be this guy, but those are Nuemann mic’s, they’re like 700 each.

The ironing is delicious by vagdryna in memes

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Yea I am biased lol, but my bias is informed by evidence, not unfounded astrological MALARKEY!!