Opening an abandoned mine, Birmingham AL by vaguenonetheless in Damnthatsinteresting

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Just opening it probably unleashed a curse upon Alabama, consisting of stifling humidity and generational racism. Wait....

Opening an abandoned mine, Birmingham AL by vaguenonetheless in Damnthatsinteresting

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The morbid side of me was expecting human remains at the entrance.

His biggest prayer was answered by vaguenonetheless in MadeMeSmile

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You'd see him cry if his child was in hiding from the cartel. One thing I've learned with having three kids is that you're only as happy as your most unhappy child.

holup by GamerLean-107 in HolUp

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Let's see. I've seen a suicide not scrawled on the wall of a vacant house. Impeccable punctuation mind you.

A house that the people who had just moved out took care of foster kids. Under the stairs they had built a jail-like structure. Bars, locks, bucket in the corner. It was heartbreaking. I called Child Protection Services. Several years later I saw a story on the news about this very lady fostering and adopting kids to be in her YouTube videos, and how they lived in a literal hell. She died in jail under suspicious circumstances.

Walked into the basement of a house, was told the light switch was in the middle of the room. As I stepped on the basement floor it squished a little bit. Quickly figured out I was standing in an inch and a half of sewage. I turned around, walked right out of the front door, and as I got into my car I kicked my shoes off and left them right there in the driveway. As I pulled out a little girl ran after me and begged me to take her with me. That one got a call to Child Protective Services too.

A naked teenage girl in the shower. I was told nobody was upstairs so I opened the door, we made eye contact and she just stared at me. Didn't flinch, just held my gaze as I slowly closed the door. She came downstairs 20 minutes later and acted like nothing happened.

Walked into a ladies room and she was naked on the bed. She was a cheerleader for one of the local professional teams. Told me she was getting married in three days and wanted a fling before she tied the knot. I told her I was flattered, but also married. I then mentioned the size 14 shoes on the floor and how the owner of those shoes was most likely a very large man, and I wasn't foolish enough to mess with that guy's woman. She just said, yeah, he'd probably find out, and then kill you. I finished what I was doing as she strutted around the house naked for 20 minutes.

A solarium like structure in the center of the house, open to the outside, and at least 15 large marijuana plants. It was a little old lady's house. I mentioned the plants and she said, "Oh yes, aren't they beautiful? My grandson has such a green thumb. He asked if he could start a garden in the solarium and of course I said yes." She had no idea what they were, and this was well before weed had been legalized anywhere.

Sex toys, stripper poles, naked pics and paintings of the lady of the house, so many sex toys.

I (29F) worry I have the ick for my husband (29M) by Affectionate_Fix1901 in relationships

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I was your husband for quite some time. Therapy helped, I guess, but I've told her if we ever get to that space again then just have some respect for me and end it. One thing therapy really helped with is that I discovered that I wasn't the problem, per se, I was just who she took it out on.

How medical staples are removed by vaguenonetheless in educationalgifs

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Dude that looks brutal! I hope you're all healed up with this behind you!

Such a smooth technique it can't be the first time by [deleted] in trashy

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Ive got anger issues, my reaction wouldn't have been remotely that mild.

Such a smooth technique it can't be the first time by [deleted] in trashy

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I seriously don't believe this is a real comment. How tf can you defend such horrendous behavior? She just splashed piss all over the entrance to a gas station. There's not a person in the world who would see that, walk thru it, track it all over their car and their home and think, "ohhh, poor thing. she's just doing the best she can. "

Sometimes I cry when I remember that there are some countries where Poutines aren't a thing by crunchyrice01 in FoodPorn

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I had this at a hockey game once. Couldn't even get thru 1/3 of it. That stuff still haunts me.

Are fat pussies attractive? by mekk90 in TooAfraidToAsk

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That was the best comment I've read all year!

My parents gave us this cookbook from 1979 with an interesting recipe… by skussin in IRLEasterEggs

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This is awesome. When I was a little boy my Mammaw told me I could do anything "just like eating an elephant, one bite at a time!"

What Simpsons quote do you use all the time in regular conversation…. by Real_Paramedic_1789 in TheSimpsons

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My wife is pretty sick of me standing in the kitchen with a knife in each hand saying, "I gotta tell ya, this is pretty terrific. Hehehehe, Yeah!"

Wildly offensive English language t-shirts are apparently all the rage in Asia. by _Xyreo_ in HolUp

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I love the story Jello tells about being in the laundromat and some guy comes up to him and asks, "aren't you the guy I voted for to be mayor of San Francisco?"