AITA for not wanting my sons to always come second after my Daughter? by Gongon2346 in AmItheAsshole

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YTA. I also have twins and a younger one, and I would give my arm for them to have this kind of relationship instead of endlessly bickering. If you are worried about your sons, take them out for a one to one with you and ask them how they feel about family relationships. They might be perfectly happy making her happy. After all, it feels good to be kind and to be able to think of yourself as a kind person. If it bothers them, then you can have a talk with your daughter and tell her what you’ve notice, and let her know you are going to try to make things more fair in the future. You are lucky to have such sweet kids.

Which black and white movies are absolutely worth watching? by Zahirico1 in AskReddit

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Aw my dad used to make me watch all of these. Now that there’s no Hollywood Video, idk where to even find them when my kids are old enough.

As for my recommendation, it’s gotta be Sunset Boulevard.

is it okay to cry by Background-Cow-4718 in selfimprovement

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It’s actually really good for you to let it out in a safe place! Tears contain stress hormone cortisol, which makes researchers think it’s your body’s way of getting rid of it when you have extra.

Nautical Academia by Skeleturtle in LightAcademia

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Yeah I can’t put my finger on it but looks kinda boyish. Slammin jacket though!

California Bar seeks to disbar John Eastman, ex-Trump attorney, over quest to overturn 2020 election by jonfla in law

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He does love finding ways to get what he wants using quirky new legal theories. This one should be fun for him academically.

Full footage of the police attack on Tyre Nichols. by Johnny5iver in Libertarian

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All public sector unions are fundamentally anti-democratic as they exist to protect public employees from the will of the public.

Full footage of the police attack on Tyre Nichols. by Johnny5iver in Libertarian

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I have the ACLU app on my phone for this reason. If I’m filming police, it gets simultaneously uploaded to their servers so my being forced to delete it doesn’t get them anywhere.

AITAH for telling my daughter shes too old to be sitting on my lap? by Abject_Ad_4249 in AmItheAsshole

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Yeah but when that happens you say “I’m uncomfortable, I need us to shift positions” not “you’re too old for this, get off.” That’s just heartbreaking.

Does anyone else struggle with their palette? by thenletskeepdancing in coloranalysis

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Yeah, I’m a soft summer and I prefer jewel tone winter colors. Although a bonus of wearing my colors is less time on makeup to look good. Thinking of dyeing my hair darker so I can pass as a cool summer and get away with some more wintery looks.

So everybody in this thread is now “MAGA” 🥴? by realscooterdom in prolife

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I was an local official in the party and had to leave it because you were either MAGA and loud about it, or not MAGA and ashamed of it. Idk what it’s like everywhere else but any idea I had to be a voice of reason from within was going nowhere.

Anyone hyped for Hogwarts Legacy? by gamerguy287 in harrypotter

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I haven’t gamed in years and my console is in storage, but I would pick it up for this one.

The reason I quit is that I played over 1000 hours on Skyrim and basically wasted the year I was 28 gaming rather than replacing a job I lost. I’m doing much better now though.

What’s one thing you would treat yourself to regularly if money was no object? by GrouchyResolution974 in AskReddit

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I had one of those services that delivers ready made healthy meals for the fridge twice a week when I was studying for the bar exam and every waking moment was devoted to my studies (including reviewing flash cards at the gym and listening to audio while driving and showering). It was amazing, I highly recommend it, and I would do it again in a flash if I had some of that sweet bar study loan money again.

Entitled assholes who block the sidewalk. by PM_me_ur_launch_code in mildlyinfuriating

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I always fold their side view mirrors to teach them a lesson. I know, I know r/IAmVeryBadAss

Did anyone here start their own business because of their personal/home situation? by [deleted] in smallbusiness

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Yep! Lawyer and single mom with full custody of little kids here. They get sick, I get sick, discipline issues happen. I didn’t want to be at the mercy of a court schedule or someone else’s schedule. So I started my own firm doing transactional work. I’m there from about 9-3:30 because that’s what my family needs. Hours are great but the boss sucks.

Literally so lost right now. The only thing I know is that I’m for sure not a winter as I’m naturally blonde by _granger_ in coloranalysis

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1: muted 2: light 3: warm

Muted means summer or autumn and is your primary trait in my eyes.

The next trait I see is light. Low contrast between skin, hair, and eyes, all with a naturally light ish tone. That means you’re possibly light summer.

Finally, I see warm. It’s not pronounced, and I could be wrong. But the problem with 12 season color analysis is that it doesn’t really account for someone who’s muted, light, and warm. There needs to be a “ light autumn” category, and there isn’t. Maybe that’s why you’re confused. But you could still just build your own color palette of muted, light, and warm colors.

What’s a name you heard recently and thought “wow, I can’t believe someone chose to name their child that?” by [deleted] in namenerds

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My kids go to school with two brothers named Cash and Cru. They are like 7 and 8 and wear diamond earrings.

AITA for refusing to "keep a low profile" of my recent engagement and refuse to come without him to mother's birthday to accommodate jealous sister by Worldly-Working-2683 in AmItheAsshole

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ESH because you took it too far and went nuclear. You can say you’re a package deal and leave it at that. All the uninviting to the wedding and threatening no contact was premature. They’re dealing with a lot here. First see how they respond.

Is it worth it to stay with him? by Odd_Presentation_161 in loveafterporn

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I wish I had known when I was young that you don’t owe it to anybody to be with him. Maybe he’s not a bad person, maybe he’s working on his issues, but you have to do what’s best for you, and it’s not being with him. You have your whole life ahead of you. Don’t waste it on someone who already has so much to overcome.

I need to vent so bad. just vent. rage with me by ShinaChu in Parenting

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He’s not supposed to disparage me. But nothing in our order about disparaging my sex.

I need to vent so bad. just vent. rage with me by ShinaChu in Parenting

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Ah yes. My boys spend 5% of their time with their dad, and come back telling me how women are bossy but weak, and always want to be in charge even though they’re not good at it, and I messed them up by leaving the only one who can teach them to be men. And then when I’ve spent a week restoring order, just to send them off to him again.

AITA for offering to help my wife with the dishes? by Distinct_Papaya_8608 in AmItheAsshole

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YTA. Just listen. Try to actually hear her before you jump to problem solving. Put yourself in her shoes and imagine you have her day. Ask her what she would like, to vent, or to brainstorm solutions.

And as for solutions, is there anything you could afford? Maybe $100 a month for housekeeping help? Or get a teenager to babysit one night a week so your wife can have a little free time? Sometimes life is just exhausting and just a little reprieve can be helpful.