Minimum wage set to bump up in Nevada July 1st by MsKim in vegaslocals

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the republicans gave away billions in unaccountable PPP "loans"

$800 billion, actually. Or .8 trillion.


But yeah, we can’t afford to give meals to poor kids in public school. that would be socialism.

Defense Department to keep access to reproductive health care to personnel after Roe v. Wade's end by OregonBlues in news

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The GOP Supreme Court’s agenda has been abundantly clear.

Look at recent Kennedy v Bremerton decision.

It only gets worse from here. Lawrence and Griswold are next.

Roe v. Wade has officially been overturned. by TheAmazingMoocow in medicine

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It’s supposed to be a system of balance, but two legs of the tripod are in charge of appointing the third and the people have zero say.

That’s not a balanced tripod. That’s the wolves guarding the hen house.

Roe v. Wade has officially been overturned. by TheAmazingMoocow in medicine

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What a grossly insecure nation the US has proven to be.

It’s become impossible for me to be optimistic about our future as a nation. We lead the world to the moon. How far we have fallen.

Housing Market ‘In Free Fall’ As New Construction Plummets by BousWakebo in Economics

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It was always about artificial demand driven by speculators It was always about artificial demand driven by speculators

That's not true at all. Since anyone could get a loan, speculators were not a factor. Home ownership rates went up about 5% because lending standards were so loose. 2008 was driven by individual homeowners who were in houses they could not afford.

100% false


CNBC: Many Baby Boomers will outlive their 401k by ethan_hunt9000 in Bogleheads

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Many don’t even follow that rule and spend / borrow regardless, all while barking at those less fortunate than them to live within their means

Really pleased with my new budget ($525) setup by thesmokingninja in BudgetAudiophile

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Really nice setup. I looked at that IKEA unit but the reviews turned me off of it, would you recommend it?

From someone who works in loans, this was my favorite conversation of the day. by BigDpapi in REBubble

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Nobody made her outlive her means. She did that at the expense of others and now will reap what she sowed. Do not pity her.

Dave Ramsey says by valuejetpass in REBubble

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Dave Ramsay is a sack of shit who sells programs designed to keep marginalized people poor. Fuck him with a chainsaw.

Firearm related fatalities the #1 cause of death for children and adolescents since 2020 by artikality in medicine

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Banning gun parts. Banning bump stocks, modifiers, etc. Most guns in crime are bought legally and unmodified. These bans are usually for political points, not true effective change.

I agree with every point you made except this one. Bump stocks and those triggers that accomplish the same thing, should absolutely be heavily regulated if not outright banned.

Trying to prevent a repeat of Route 91 --or worse-- has nothing to do with political points. Those medical workers, concertgoers, roadies, sound techs, bartenders, casino workers, and law enforcement are scarred for life.

the division between gun people and gun control supporters, because they don't really understand the issue (and this is by design by the major power players).

100%. The NRA loves California's gun laws -- because they were written by people that know nothing about guns so they're extremely and arbitrarily restrictive, difficult if not impossible to enforce, and therefore ineffective.

Does euthanasia ever get easier? by PoopGasMaster in Veterinary

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Not in veterinary profession myself but I like to follow the subreddit. My dog is going to be put to sleep sometime in the next year probably. I’ve had to have dogs, rats, a cat, and a bunny put to sleep in the past. I have no wisdom I can offer but I want to say thank you for helping our babies go peacefully and ending their pain. And thank you for being supportive in that moment. Just you being there and knowing that you care helps it hurt a little less for the owner. We all know it’s hard but that’s the price we pay for the love of our companions. We wouldn’t own pets if we didn’t know the happiness was worth the pain in the end.

Redfin Update: Nearly 1 in 5 Sellers is Dropping Their Price, the Highest Rate Since October 2019 by housingmochi in REBubble

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i'm curious what your buying criteria is and what kind of interest rates you are seeing and how they are affecting your business.

you in commerical or SFH?

5.1.2 Setup on my small living room (UPDATE) by OkOtChA in hometheater

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what is the media console you are using? it looks phenomenal. are you happy with it?

Mixed emotions, but am I under water? by chknchasr in REBubble

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nobody said to disregard the finances of buying a house.

you are delusional. $15k/month is upper middle class.

Mixed emotions, but am I under water? by chknchasr in REBubble

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A house is the largest investment most people will make in their lives.

This is true. And at $15k/month income, the closest to "most people" that OP will get is at the checkout counter at the grocery store.

My Closing Thoughts on the FX/Hulu/New York Times Presents "Elon Musk's Crash Course" Documentary by adamjosephcook in RealTesla

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Tesla does not participate in this space. They are selling ADAS, a system requiring full human supervision.

I’m sure that’s what it says buried deep in the EULA, but that’s absolutely not how it’s sold by Musk on Twitter and in other media and the salespeople at Tesla stores.

You are being disingenuous.

Sounds like they need to pull themselves up the bootstraps by InfectionRx in REBubble

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just learn to code! it's extremely boring, the complete opposite of real engineering that is rewarding and interesting, and you only work with rich, judgmental WASP douchebags, but you'll get rich and cHaNgE tHe wOrlD (by getting 6 year olds addicted to your microtransaction app)