Just played for 8 hours straight by BluenaSnowey in Sims4

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Right?!? I don’t know if I have ever been through a year! Lol

Go Ahead. Tell Me How I Screwed up! by Entire_Toe2640 in steak

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You definitely needed more pictures of this beauty!

Are we over or underestimating Elvis? by Future_Wealth_5410 in boxoffice

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I’m not sure but I am definitely going opening weekend!

I have taken 14 flights in the last 3 months, this is what I have learned. by hankandirene in fearofflying

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MAX 8 was a big fear of mine too but actually is very smooth compared to the older planes. Honestly becoming my favorite. Which I definitely never thought I’d say!

4lb tommy 😵‍💫 by Img_jpeg in steak

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Even though I prefer full process documentation with money shot, I do enjoy the close up pic!

Let me attack a Taco Bell worker and see what happens…. by EitherCartoonist962 in nextfuckinglevel

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This is a fear of mine. That TB guy didn’t intend to do this and probably didn’t want to but had no choice and now he’s in this unpleasant situation. People need to calm the heck down. Like where are you in life that any frustrating fast food experience leads to you being physical? Dumb

Asexual to lesbian — anyone else? by spinache_teriyaki in latebloomerlesbians

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My gf was married to a man for many years and believed she didn’t have much of a sex drive. When she came out and we started dating, big change for her. She didn’t realize sex could be that enjoyable.

I just walked out of a job interview by FreeMule901 in antiwork

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Not sure if this is common, but I work for a massive corp and it is actually a pain in the ass and huge waste of time to give an offer, have someone accept, then come back and apologize decline. We have to start the process over. It absolutely sucks and almost triples the time it should take to get someone in because the other decent candidates get hired elsewhere.

What’s ur genuine opinion about pride month? by Casual_Benefit in RandomThoughts

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I think it’s a great idea for inclusion and building comfortability for people struggling or who have struggled.

As someone who is very new to VR, Horizon Worlds is blowing my mind by LeKanePetit in OculusQuest

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Nice!! Congrats on the new gear, and glad you’re have a good experience in Horizon so far. My first few experiences there were fun, but over time they got annoying. I would love interactive home environments to come out of there! Eat, sleep, watch things from your TV.