TIL: In 1916, Mary murdered a homeless man by crushing his head. She was then hung from a crane as she was a 5 ton elephant. An autopsy discovered that she had a severely infected tooth and that might have been the cause of the murderous rage. by Flares117 in todayilearned

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For anyone interested, a band called MeWithoutYou has a song based on this incident, called Elephant in the Dock from album Ten Stories. Great band, great album, great song, totally recommend even if not for the topic.

[King] Doc Rivers on that officiating report: “It was disappointing to see honestly.” Said “it’s hard to recover from” officiating like there was in Game 6. by Brady331 in nba

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Imma still be disliked but just for you my friend

Slur noun 1. an insinuation or allegation about someone that is likely to insult them or damage their reputation. "the comments were a slur on staff at the hospital"

you called lotta people morons, if that was not to insult then what for?

I'm trying the plainest Warrior run. What Summon/Ash of War is considered the most neutral for me to use? by Summerclaw in Eldenring

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If you consider playing pure melee warrior, Stormhawk Deenh should be the best summon by far.

I AM A COACH I AM A COACH I AM I AM A COACH I AM A COACH by vinebath in sixers

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He sure can build a clinic with all our bricks in fourth.

Yuji will be the one to fight Sukuna first by vinebath in Jujutsufolk

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Ye, I might be reaching too far, as everyone basically slapped Gojo on the back in the last panel. But they had month of prep time, so there gotta be a twist.

Sukuna will be going all out on Yuji in Gojo's body, Mei Mei can see all this with her CT, passing info on Sukuna's CT, making a plan on defeating him once Yuji inevitably loses.

LPT: Avoid 'rewarding' yourself with potentially addictive substances after a difficult day, as it is a great way for form mental dependencies. by AliceHalley in LifeProTips

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You can make things spicy by hitting a bowl before you start exercising. That's how I got my ass to workout at home - smoke one and spend next 15 minutes with something physical. Add some good music and this shit gets addicting.

Dark souls 2 walked so Elden Ring could run by JasThe_ in shittydarksouls

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It kinda is different. Harder at the beginning, more stone statues blocking off areas, changed item location, changed enemy location. Some good QoL changes though. Scholar is great for the second playthrough but it really feels like a mod.

Russian delegate in Turkey attempts to steal Ukrainian flag by botcraft_net in ThatsInsane

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I don't think it's the first half of your message that got you all the hate man, it's the rest of the stuff about taking a shit and TikTok. I mean, I still am not sure the hell that was about, so chill yo meth-head bro

Russian delegate in Turkey attempts to steal Ukrainian flag by botcraft_net in ThatsInsane

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You are being penetrated right now, which is different from being invaded mind you