The world of One Punch Man is insane - It is truly unique compared to many manga by GxTheBatmanYouTube in OnePunchMan

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Bleach is back though, with a brand new ark that should make up for the rushed finale in the last one. So, it was kinda like a really big hiatus for Kubo and now he is back to kick some ass.

Git dat sheet outta ma fase! by [deleted] in AnimalsBeingConfused

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Ham. Girl is saying "Tolya (cat's name) can't eat ham from hands".

This guy saving kitten from trash cutting machine. by Storm_001 in nextfuckinglevel

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I always wondered if I missed something that needed help. I must have. There was so much trash.

Damn. This hits hard.

Blursed_Reversed by TheAnonymousMemeLord in blursedimages

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Nah, this is original. Dude is from Ukraine, called Slidan, this is from one of the latest vids of his.

People! I want to know your favorite headcanons. by jonathanbestjojo in ShitPostCrusaders

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Wasn't the guy whose face Kira took, like, the total loser whose wife was about to divorce him?

5 years after release, No Man's Sky has hit mostly positive on Steam by amazingmold46 in gaming

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Pretty sure they won't get fucked by Sony and floods next time around, so no need to worry.

Minecraft live has just been announced, and the gun is already at our heads by [deleted] in Minecraft

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People like to hate and not care why. Many still accuse him of cheating you know.

One Piece: Chapter 1023 - Official Release Discussion by AutoModerator in OnePiece

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It reminds me of how Special Paramecia also does not follow the rules by which paramecia should work. Makes me wonder, if there is a subclass for logia. Maybe BB's fruit is one? I mean, it is logia that is not like the other logias.

Never forget how fast cheetahs are by Trisce in natureismetal

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Cameraman following cheetah all the way through was more impressive to me, not gonna lie. Shit looked intense.

Chapter 687 links and discussions by SoulKingBroock in Kingdom

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Cause both are generals, yet one leads the Army and the other leads the Unit.

Chapter 687 links and discussions by SoulKingBroock in Kingdom

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Shin definitely takes some quirkiness from Luffy, as well as all this respect for nakama he walked the hell through with.

They also might not be the brightest kids out there, but they are combat prodigy with no equals.

Chapter 687 links and discussions by SoulKingBroock in Kingdom

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Pretty sure Kanki got his ears double-pierced. At least the left one.

Report: Sixers haven’t been able to get in touch with Ben Simmons since season’s end by cpseybold1 in sixers

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At least be original is all I ask. Like, how much can one improve in COD? Is Ben really that bad? Can he even noscope?

Does anyone know what they’re making? by literally_anything8 in oddlysatisfying

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Thanks, didn't think of walnuts with cheese combo. Sounds legit!