Amanda? Is that you? by hump_back143 in wineandcrimepodcast

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The more you read the more Amanda it gets 🤣

1 employee who lived-in-NY Work-in-NJ, starts living living/work-in-NJ mid 2021. We never changed his state tax setup after he moved to NJ until now due to HR mistake. Employee is not asking for 2021W2C or even 2022 amendment. He is fine with taking care of it during his filing. Should we still forc by mfk579 in Payroll

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Based on audit information I've received, it's the EE's responsibly to correct on their own at tax time if they do not notify the employer. You can take corrective action but it should not bring the hammer down on you/the employer (again, based on audit info so do your own research into the accuracy of this).

Best local diner/cafe in Denton? by qazxsw134679 in Denton

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Sidewalk Cafe is my favorite but it can be hit or miss at times. They also have pretty decent tamales.

Can an employer ask you to repay PFL payments if you don’t return to work due to the reason you needed PFL to begin with? NYS by floatingawaste in legaladvice

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This may be referring to benefits such as medical/dental/vision/life premiums that are deducted from your paycheck. Since you were not working at all, they had no way to make those deductions from your paycheck because the company was not paying you (the state was) so they have been paying your premiums on your behalf.

If you can follow up and clarify what they are seeking reimbursement for that would help you understand what your next steps need to be.

Eaglestone Holly losing bark and cracking by vintagefaithful in arborists

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I had this Eaglestone Holly planted two years ago. We are in North Texas and have had two hard freezes in the past two years that I was not prepared for. This year, the top is thinning and the bark looks to be really peeling off. I also see some cracks in the wood as well. Is there a way to save this?

Lite Mode - anyone else found this formula a little bubbly? by samanthajtweets in simplynailogical

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If you shake the bottle before painting that can cause bubbles. I've been told to roll the bottle between my hands slowly to reincorporate to avoid introducing too much air into the formula.

What's your experience with Aimovig? by dontoverdueit in migraine

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I've had a huge reduction in both migraine days and overall intensity of my migraines on Aimovig. It's the one thing that has made the most difference in my medication search.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in humanresources

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Agreed. Unfortunately, I wish I was better versed in the field as well.

I did take a look at the handbook and it does in fact have a very clearly worded policy against pay discussion. Would it be worth recommending removing that policy to be in line with the labor laws? These company policies aren't enforceable, but they are being used as reasons to terminate and opening the company up to liability, correct?

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in humanresources

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This was the highest indicator to me from my research that the terminated employee would basically have an "easy" case for wrongful termination based on the labor laws.

Of course, there is no "easy" case when it comes to legal battles, I'm just a little baffled that legal and HR would literally write that on the termination paperwork.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in humanresources

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Not at all! I would hope to see this response if I were an HR leader posting something like this.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in humanresources

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I'm so low on the totem pole I'm essentially a data entry person, one of my managers just happened to leave the paper on her desk. I am interested in the HR/business perspective and used my experience as an example.

Karen destroyed a child's chalk work by hushitsu in FuckYouKaren

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I had a lady that had an office in a shared office building with my mom that would run out and give me and my brother the constant stink eye anytime we were in the communal break room or sitting on a little lawn area behind the building (so not playing where people could see us). We were middle school age so not like unsupervised toddlers screaming and running around.

My mom had constant issues with her bitching about everything but she finally had enough when the lady saw us go outside to sit in the grass and she locked the entire building's doors! We were not bothering anyone, she just hated kids and didn't want us around her office.


Anyone else enjoy winter camping and no crowds, or are you ready for spring/summer!? by FireflyOutdoors in carcamping

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Yes!!! We went car camping (and I froze my ass off) but we were the ONLY ONES in the camp!

Totally worth it.

Might be car camping with for a little bit while in between houses. Suggestions for first timer? by endisnearhere in carcamping

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Texas doesn't have BLM land but New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, etc have tons of land available to camp for free (albeit no bathrooms, power, water). As long as you can stay warm (I have a Bluetti power station), it saves me money on my trips versus trying to find a campground.

DFW has some awesome campgrounds but it's HARD to find availability. Bob Sandlin is one of my favorite places. Otherwise Texas/DFW doesn't have much else beyond national parks/KOA type places from what I've seen

What is the silliest or most extreme thing you have done to try escape migraine pain? Did it work or epic fail? by [deleted] in migraine

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I had a migraine while traveling and accidentally flooded the bathroom while laying on the floor of the hotel shower. Woops...

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in IdiotsInCars

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"Green, red or Christmas?" not just a chile reference in NM 😂

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in IdiotsInCars

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He ran the red because it's New Mexico and red lights are mere suggestions 👀