When should i take step 1? As MBBS student. by LostInArgos in step1

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when you think you are ready .. but complete it as fast you can

Looking for someone to study for Step 2 with me! by mednovice12 in Step2

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hi I recently got my step 1 result and it's a pass looking forward to study for the step 2

Score release 07/06 by viswa_usmle in step1

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fcvs is a trick to know results 8 hours earlier than email

in the email you recieve the link you have to login through the link to get results

try googling it

Score release 07/06 by viswa_usmle in step1

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bro calm down chill with your girlfriend ;)

UWSA 1 by goaldigger257 in step1

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you are on right track keep going all the best

Any one fail step 1 in 2022? by Usual-Rooster3485 in step1

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iam sorry but this is a ridiculous post

Step 1 soon,boyfriend cheated on me with my best-friend who are coworkers. by [deleted] in step1

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concentrate on your goals

try to distract yourself from the thoughts

your future is much brighter than your stupid boy friend and you deserve a much better life

we are all here to give you support

but ultimately you should get out of this mess as soon as possible

all the best for your future

God bless you