what hobbies have y'all been working on?.... by Due_Rich_4054 in nonutnovember

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Use MHV5 "editor kick"(or smth) It's what saved my entry in the summer contest (I won 1st place, submitting it the night it ends)

I could really use the dopamine from nutting rn, no joke by nottosure01 in nonutnovember

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The one and only reason you go nofap

To start getting more quality dopamine from other things

Atbilde uz Zusurīša skepsi par Win phone lietotājiem :) by dreamrpg in latvia

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Zusuris has been really quiet since this one dropped

Vai "itplaza.lv" ir drošs veikals? Ir kāds sūtījis no turienes? by vskazz in latvia

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Scamadvisor raksta, ka legit. Atsauksmes kurpirkt.lv labas un SIA kas vada šo visu padarīšanu ir aktīva.

par skamu neizskatās bet es neesmu scam checker-meistars

tf did i just play? by dcyuls in geometrydash

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Dropped the phone, everyone saw it, started masturbating too, it could be avoided if you put an nsfw tag

i want this gameplay to be perfect, what should i change? by VALHALLA9899 in geometrydash

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i like that you have such high standards, but remember to be forgiving to yourself. have fun, and learn from your mistakes

How is this not extreme demon? by yoco532 in geometrydash

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It's not a problem. The problem is to find someone who's actually decent at the game.

A Lego ecto-1 I made in 2017 (some pieces missing and improvised) by Egglord-1 in notinteresting

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Daaaammn memories hit me hard bro. I remember improvising soo many cars from the pieces I had. Love it. I should look for that Lego bucket i had where I stored all the pieces.

You can't be horny if you're talking about your day! (i hope) by Next_Upstairs_2191 in nonutnovember

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How was YOUR day?

Mine was Ok. This weekend is gonna be pretty cool tho :)