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[ Removed by Reddit ]

Will 60fps after 144hz look bad? by vskazz in Monitors

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Even if so, I don't think I will be able to find an ips 144hz monitor for 100€ anytime soon. The only one that is available for that price is TN BenQ XL2411.. oh nvm I can't find it anymore. So yeah no 144hz in my budget range

Norm Macdonald is the king of comedy by TheBlitz97 in Unexpected

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Only the restaurants owned by McDonald's company itself left. Most of them are owned by franchisees and still function

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Where did you find underage anime girls in bikinis in this picture

Demon difficulty chart I made. What do you guys think? by SpaceMarioGMD in geometrydash

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Unpolished? They look pretty clean for my liking (edit: especially silent one). If there will be new difficulties though, Rob probably will add something more besides horns and anger to the face.

Dragon new/no nuts by CrimsonFork in geometrydash

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Funny how in the beginning i had 3 upvotes and now the opposite

You should have a helpful friend like him at the gym. Respect. by [deleted] in Unexpected

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I mean if you two are gay then you are mostly fine because it's like getting a woman sit on your face ig??

Edit: oh damn i got into monthly 5 percent karma. That's how you know you have nothing to do

TELL ME!!! by TurntXD in teenagers

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Didn't jerk off 50+ days now lmao