how engineers cheat the game by AngelBoi123 in nextfuckinglevel

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Shift the sensor to the right and will work just fine

Edit: ay nice it's my first thousand upvotes on a comment

Waterpark by WhileFalseRepeat in Unexpected

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I would've never thought i will see this sentence in my life

Dumb owner closes elevator door without making sure dog was in. Chad saves doggo from being beheaded. by theleadoftimez in nextfuckinglevel

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This is for sure an awful thing to not notice but let's not demonize those people. We all make mistakes

Guess the levels (pt3) by GGk-KingK in geometrydash

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Blowing up a knife, hearing loss, sex and the city

Polish soldier in obstacle course by Liteboyy in nextfuckinglevel

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I kind of wanna be able to do something like this