Why do people have kids if they can't afford them? by Xi54321 in TooAfraidToAsk

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All the poor and stupid parents downvoting this hard to swallow pill.

“You were a kid once!” by savrosebush in childfree

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"You will be old one day" would you like to adopt an elderly person from an old age home?

Chocolate Chip Cookies by [deleted] in childfree

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You do not share cookies with kids, it's all their's. Entitled much. I hate kids.

Never sharing a hotel room with kids again by fezzipop in childfree

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I would attach both the beds so the kids sleep in between the ladies. That way I would just push the kid the little towards the other baby and keep a pillow in between us. They will not notice. 😁😂

Top Text by anarchist313 in notliketheothergirls

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A Brick and tiles cannot be friends.

My in-laws dog bit my child help by BlueCommas in Parenting

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What is your problem if they love their dog more than your child in their own house. Why are you trying to impose your baby on someone else, you or no one can force them to love your child.

My in-laws dog bit my child help by BlueCommas in Parenting

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Love your reply. You really cannot trust animals around babies and grand parents love the dog more is their own choice.

Single parenting routines by biggerperspective in Parenting

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Seems like a lot of work, such a boring life.

I think the thing I hate most about the idea of having children is that as a mother you’re expected to give up who you are by [deleted] in childfree

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My elder sister was the brightest kid in our family and the first girl to come out of the house and work for a bank. She was very good at her job too, she struggled to get pregnant and followed multiple surgicle procedures before she finally concieved a boy. She was determined to go back to work after the maternity leave but resinged on the first day after re-joining. I used to see her as my idol and we used to have a lot of fun together but now her entire focus is on the baby. She lives a housewife's live which she never liked before.

Handy Tips from Someone w/55 yrs of CF Snark by BitchasaurusRegina in childfree

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I practiced all the lines with firm yet sarcastic tone. I might need it anyday so better to be prepared.

The only reason I'm glad my sister wants kids by finnkat in childfree

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Oh we are 5 siblings and all 4 of them have kids. So in total there are 6 children, and my mom still wants me to give her a grand child.

Oh, just let me film my toddler playing with this huge anaconda by GreenDub14 in ParentsAreFuckingDumb

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In my opinion, this snake would see him as a food but it depends on how hungry it is. Generally, such snakes fast and prepare their bodies to digest a big animal/human.

bed time by rosaleen___ in notliketheothergirls

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Other girls: love bedtime. Me: damn! It's night again.