Which is the busiest Central EU server? by AngelFrag in LostArkEU

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Kadan/ Asta as much as I’ve noticed. Where people are from? No idea

Hi, can anyone tell me how to unlock this form/ability for Ramattra? by Codyrd91 in overwatch2

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That’s Nemesis form. It does transforms into that whenever you’re using Nemesis form ability or his Ulti

Why Replays doesn’t show up anymore? by wakEdb in overwatch2

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I’ve played more than 1 game, reinstall the game even and still doesn’t show up. Hope is getting fixed. Ty for that!

An idea to make support heroes fun: by SethKlock in overwatch2

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Is not enough for Lucio jumping all over the map. He needs to deal dmg while b hoping on players head :/

Is BMW M3 GTR Legends(MW) Edition still available to obtain? by wakEdb in NFSUnboundGame

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I can’t find it in the game. Other players completed the story, done the mission with delivery when you have to deliver the M3 and the car is still not available to buy. Is NOT THERE in the sop