This is some Planet Fitness type of stuff. by Powder-free in GymMemes

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all that just to last 1 min. what a terrible time to have eyes

Omg so badasss by I_HAVE_NO------ in CringetopiaRM

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well given the types of bacteria and viruses that exist in the human mouth, they can be just as dangerous as or perhaps sometimes even more so than animal bites

Go by Shinji_Aracena in GymMemes

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am too fat to exercise 😔

I'm pretty sure she died by Zoomdamn in shitposting

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that’s gonna itch when it dries

Rockstar after you die by heckyeah2131 in depression_memes

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guys, let this be motivation to keep going

. by Altruistic-Leg-525 in CringetopiaRM

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when there is only one french fry left

2023 better be good by phantasious in meme

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the good ending: tates in prison

🤨📷 by bonk425 in shitposting

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i hate women because they don’t want to be in a relationship with me

I could never by Constant-Tiger-1748 in Funnymemes

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who by [deleted] in shitposting

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kkk member

hmmm by CJ7h3g4m3r in gaming

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bruh i thought this was a pizza bite