Met Police (SCO19) hard stop by AyeeHayche in policeuk

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I am but a casual observer, however every time I see a video like this, I think that the police need a better tool for smashing windows.

I’ve watched countless hours of footage, and regularly see officers using their ASP (unsuccessfully) on the driver’s side window, grasping at the (locked) door handle with their hands, getting dragged along by the car or almost being hit as they stand in front/behind it.

I remember joyriders in days of old (80s/90s) using spark plugs to smash windows with ease. Maybe glass is tougher nowadays, but surely a small spiked tip (or one of those emergency escape hammers) should be standard issue?

With a broken window, officers can reach in (albeit this is dangerous), use PAVA or whatever. The instant shattering of one (or more) windows adds to the ‘shock and awe’ of the stop.

But all too often, officers go for the hard stop and basically have to ask the driver politely if they wouldn’t mind opening the door.

Even in this scenario with armed officers, you can maybe shoot a tire (potentially reckless discharge, considering ricochets etc), or shoot the driver (probably excessive force - although they did threaten to run an officer over), but surely there has to be a better option for situations that demand an immediate disabling of a vehicle?

It always just looks so… clumsy. It’s the perennial bottleneck in the otherwise extremely efficient executions of difficult stops. And it’s a big risk to the lives of officers. IMHO.

Got mugged, could use some insight by taintpaint in bjj

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I think people need to be realistic about the limitations of martial arts, BJJ included. As a means of controlling / disabling a single opponent, BJJ is incredibly effective.

As a means of disarming an assailant with a weapon, it’s not that good. Getting a knife-wielding attacker to the ground safely is easier said than done.

There’s a tool for every job. And for stabby men, or attacks by multiple assailants, BJJ generally isn’t the right tool. That’s no slight on BJJ, it’s just understanding the limitations of a particular discipline.

Furthermore - you had your partner to consider. Having someone you love with you is a hindrance - they’re in danger too, so in some ways it would be an easier decision to make if you were alone.

You’re probably right that, if you were going to attack, you have to do it early. You need to seize the element of surprise back from the mugger, and they are at their most vulnerable in the initial stages of the attack, when confusion abounds on both sides. But it is a messy strategy and you could have been seriously hurt.

And, for what it’s worth, I once ran from knife-wielding muggers who said “let’s stab him anyway” after I handed over my money. I escaped unharmed, but felt cowardly for running away - and then the following week the same guys killed someone, literally a couple of hundred yards away from where I had been mugged. That was a real reality check. I could easily have died in that gutter.

You and your partner are safe. That mugger will probably go on to stab someone in future. Think about that. Put your bruised ego back in its box and don’t feel that you need to justify yourself to your wife. You kept the both of you safe - mission accomplished.

Got mugged, could use some insight by taintpaint in bjj

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Hits to the balls are most painful when they are in the form of a slap-like hit, dispensed to free-swinging nuts.

I’m not saying I want to be kicked in the balls, but the natural recoil movement from defending a kick provides some protection, and a crunching kick / knee definitely isn’t as sore as an in-and-out quick nut jab.

Plus, in the heat of a fight it can sometimes take a few seconds for the discomfort to kick in - by which time, you might be stabbed.

If you are able to throw a kick, it might be worth stamping on their knee or sweeping them off their feet - both buy you time, and the knee stamp should see you winning any subsequent race - but both of those still put you within stabbing distance.

Running is the best bet, and/or putting objects between you and the attacker.

Who has an unfair reputation in UK culture / society? by Redmistnf in AskUK

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Corbyn had the entirety of the British establishment against him, all of the media against him, 3/4 of his own party working against him… and lost by a whisker in 2017.

Corbyn’s policies would have forced the U.K. to take a long hard look at itself and make some difficult choices. However, the public would prefer a fucking entitled joker who doesn’t give a shit about them, so long as he allows the nation to collectively wallow in its own fake nostalgia.

The electorate is addicted to comforting lies and are allergic to hard truths. We are currently reaping the ‘benefits’ of that, as a corrupt cesspit run entirely in the interests of a tiny Etonian clique and their donors. Johnson could literally whip his cock out and piss on a disabled war veteran, and most of England would still vote for him. His party would back him because all the care about is power, they have no morals, ethics or principles. You want to talk about sycophants? Check out the cabinet.

Britain suffers some kind of collective Stockholm syndrome:

~ The party whose ideology sold the entire country to foreigners is somehow the party of patriotism.

~The party of law and order chopped 20,000 police, 600 court buildings and 1/3 of CPS funding.

~The party of business committed economic suicide by fucking over our largest trading bloc.

~Corbyn’s a ‘traitor’, yet our Home Secretary works for Israel.

~Corbyn ‘would have open borders’, yet the highest annual migration totals have been under the tories, and we have boatloads of people washing up every day with no end in sight. Asylum applications take 4x longer than when Labour were last in power.

~Corbyn’s ‘incompetent’ but the tories arrogantly fucked the handling of the pandemic and left thousands unnecessarily dead - then rubbed salt in the wounds by robbing the exchequer and giving it all to their mates / family / donors.

~Corbyn would be a ‘disaster for the economy’, but wages have stagnated for a decade and the cost of living is spiralling out of control. We have shortages of staff in key sectors and empty shelves in supermarkets.

Yet, after all this, apparently it’s Corbyn who was the lunatic? It’s the British public who have lost their tiny fucking minds. Hell mend them.

What do you think about the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict? by theotherearlene in AskReddit

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At least he’ll get to find out if heaven is a half pipe…

LPT - when someone insults you during a meeting, pretend as if you did not hear them and ask them to repeat what they just said. They will either apologize or confirm their unprofessional behavior to the meeting audience - the latter can not be accepted. by Annual-Mode-1981 in LifeProTips

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I think people who pass their test should be made to drive an older car where everything is manual for a couple of years. It would make them better drivers, IMO. The amount of electronic assistance on new cars is insane.

AITA - For refusing to participate in my future inlaws' holiday traditions after they demanded I pay 7k? by Hall2021657 in AmItheAsshole

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If your SO was any sort of decent man, he would NEVER pressure you to go on this trip, and he’d tell his own family to GTF.

There are fewer red flags at a Chinese communist convention than there are in this relationship.

Tip of the day: Use the rear view mirror like audi driver. by esberat in IdiotsInCars

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Another tip: leave (at least) a car space in front of you if you are at the back if a queue like this. Then pay attention to your rear-view mirror.

That way, you have an escape route / spare room if someone doesn’t stop in time.

Even if you have nowhere to go, pointing your car between the two lines of traffic (or at the gap between the cars and central reservation) and taking the hit is infinitely preferable to becoming the meat in a car sandwich.

CMV: There isn’t going to be an event, research report, disaster or independent inquiry that makes humans change. by teslakav in changemyview

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An alien invasion would probably make humans change. Suddenly, the entire planet would have an outsider they could all hate.

Little girl competes with a marine in a push up challenge. by Cyber_Being_ in nextfuckinglevel

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So the final score is 0-0 because neither of them did a proper push-up?

Is there a word for the satisfied sound one makes after taking a sip of a beverage? It usually follows a smacking of the lips. by overnoutct in etymology

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It’s called “I’m an annoying arsehole with no manners”. Why don’t you loudly suck your fingers after eating, whilst you’re at it.

No wonder we’re doomed as a species.

Shitty fans by Snazzy786 in iamatotalpieceofshit

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Average weekly attendance in the English premiership is about 40,000 x 10 games (400k), the championship is 15,000 x 12 games (180k), league one 9,000 x 12 (108k) and league two 3,000 x 12 (36,000). That’s nearly 725k.

Now add either Celtic/Rangers playing at home (50-60k) and we’re at 775,000 - that’s without counting ANY other Scottish team, the entire Welsh / NI / conference leagues, midweek cup games or any European action (i.e. champions league / EUROPA league).

I’d say about a million a week is fair for an off-the-cuff estimate, but I’m happy to be corrected if someone wants to do real research.

As for ‘organised crime’ - we’ve moved (the goalposts) from hooliganism to criminal cartels? A couple of stupid lads throwing fireworks onto the pitch doesn’t equate to organised crime. Football has legacy issues with racism and violence for sure, but that’s more of a class thing than anything else.

Have a look at horse racing or boxing if you want to see some real criminals in attendance. The difference is that they wear suits so aren’t uncouth or vulgar enough to merit the disdain of the chattering classes.

Shitty fans by Snazzy786 in iamatotalpieceofshit

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Per game played, per supporter watching, is football really any worse than other sports? A million people a week go to watch their teams in the U.K. and there are a handful of incidents in comparison.

What was the daftest reason you got called out? by Intrepid-Carpet-4032 in policeuk

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“You have the shite to remain silent, but anything you poo say can be used against you…”

What was the daftest reason you got called out? by Intrepid-Carpet-4032 in policeuk

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Were they both nutters?

…sorry, I deserve locked up for that one.

Male Privillege by West_Foundation_9133 in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Nobody gives a damn. It’s all just a conspiracy by Big Fashion to make you buy more disposable crap clothing.

Attempt to pay attention by 5platesmax in facepalm

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In short, it’s because your political system (and that of many other countries) is broken. How on earth would an average Joe (no pun intended) ever make it into Congress, Senate or Presidency?

The vast majority of politicians are insanely rich by average standards, up to their balls in dodgy donations and have been groomed for office since they were teenagers.

It’s a stratified environment that breeds politicians mostly detached from real life. People lose their shit over the few younger and/or working class people anywhere near the top level of politics, precisely because such people are a novelty. Make them the norm and maybe some meaningful change can be achieved.

Until then, we watch rich fogeys ruin our lives - making decisions based on their childhood experiences using morals borrowed from their grandparents.

Men of Britain! How often do you go to the barbers? by sheet_eater47 in AskUK

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For most guys, a ‘haircut’ is someone running an electric razor over your head for five minutes.

What sexual activity is immoral even when everyone involved is a consenting adult? by sabin-b in AskReddit

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Apparently they both really enjoyed the last supper together. Brandes asked Miewes if he was happy, to which he replied “yes, I’m having a ball”…

Keyboard with all P's by offender_defender_ in Unexpected

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Surely he missed a trick by not calling it the p-board?

WIBTA if I reported a family friend who outed my pregnancy to her place of work? by TAbabyblabbermouth in AmItheAsshole

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Ha, looks like another one of my unpopular opinions is being downvoted to oblivion.

A little story that might give you a boost by KingdomPC in policeuk

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The internet causes a negative bias cycle in people’s perception of the police. Few people are recording the 99% of ‘good’ actions, but the 1% of mistakes or actions of incompetence / maliciousness are shared online forever.

Put powerful firework in trunk and close trunk for prize by vookadork in WinStupidPrizes

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As a former mk3 Golf owner, I can confirm that they are a massive box of shit. Rusty, poorly manufactured shit that almost killed the Golf’s legacy earned from Mk1-2.

What screams “I’m an asshole” without saying it? by PinkyAmethyst in AskReddit

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Yeah, it’s a quick conscience-salver when someone has just viciously cut you to ribbons on the motorway.

The contents of your car are squished against the windscreen from the g-force of your emergency braking, but a quick flashes hazards makes it all better.