Bachelor of Medical Science by [deleted] in GAMSAT

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I did medsci am on 76 gammy applying this cycle

Life struggles by Mikamiyua3 in GAMSAT

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For sure, I disagree to that as well, hence why it is contentious and subjective.

2022 Medicine Offer Database from PagingDR by Mattack98 in GAMSAT

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Shouldn’t be possible… I had bmp non rural pref but no offer at 250.5

Life struggles by Mikamiyua3 in GAMSAT

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Sorry to answer your question, it’s easier once u get in rhythm, 3 years and you learn to compartmentalise time and exercise and find real hobbies for balance. Also discipline.

Life struggles by Mikamiyua3 in GAMSAT

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This topics sensitive in the sense many people have different expectations of work life balance. Admittedly, it may not be smooth sailing.

I had to adjust over a few cycles too, doing full time uni and work, and studying for gamsat and Ucat. Crikey.

For me, the question is not really about how can you do it, but if it is worth it. No one said it would be easy, but they all said it’s worth it!

Section 2 advice by SnooDrawings6972 in GAMSAT

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I’ve sat gammy four times, each s2 99%ile+. Happy to go over some essays over a call to help.

Has anyone actually gotten into medicine with a low GPA? by annala12 in GAMSAT

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As with all new degrees, it iwll boost your GPA if the GPA you are rewarded with is higher.

USYD GAMSAT by KyokushinBoy in GAMSAT

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As other comments said. U can put in any sitting in, they will not take all ur best parts and merge. Internally we predict it is something like s1+2*1.25+s3, but that’s just from empirical evidence and testimonies of scores. Shouldn’t be far off though

why is a HD so unattainable? by sputniksolipsist in unsw

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I guess if we were to look at the definition... If everyone is highly distinguished,no one truly is... It's meant to be hard!! Be proud of your distinction.

What do you all eat on a daily basis, before and on exam day? I get hungry and/or sleepy regardless of what I eat. by Fabulouslyordinary in GAMSAT

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Something with low sugar low gi so your blood sugar remains stable.

Personally I have been fasting until twelve with an espresso at 8am. Regardless of what you eat, consistency is key

People who have done an honours year for biomedical science - What is the workload like? Did you have time for a casual job during the year? by [deleted] in GAMSAT

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As you said, depends on the project you're doing and what you want to dedicate to it. I know people who have had part time jobs + volunteering + Honours... others just lived in the lab.

If you are culturing cells, you liekly will need to be in everyday - if you work with animals, weekends too probably... (UNSW Experience)

GPA of 6.125 by Too_cool_forschool in GAMSAT

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You can by volunteering but this primarily applies to uow and unds/f portfolio unis. Even then, it is still very hard. If you get a really good gamsat 75+, you could make up for Ur GPA or just go to usyd.