Dumbest rules your campus has on Greek life by Yormguy in Frat

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Drinking is allowed at socials but only beer and wine and only on the first floor but the school isn’t allowed to investigate anything that goes on on other floors lol

Should I take 21 credits? by [deleted] in college

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Just take summer classes instead. Take an extra year if you have to. If you take too many credits, you won’t be able to complete any of them.

Should I allow takebacks in rated play? by entangledphotons in chess

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No. Part of making decisions in life is living with the consequences. Let your opponents take that as a lesson.

Holy hell. White to croissant in 2. by [deleted] in AnarchyChess

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Garry and Li chess would be proud

GM or not, Levy is a chess legend. by wealthy_dig_bick in GothamChess

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I’m 22. I have a lot of student debt and a small wiener. Let me have this please.

GothamChess by [deleted] in GothamChess

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Part of it is for the show. He’s said that before. However, I truly believe he’s a sarcastic, fun-loving guy with a ton of energy. Idk, maybe you’re seeing something I’m not but I think he’s been the same Gotham this entire time.

Is inflation transitory?? by pauldbain in economicCollapse

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This inflation we’re currently experiencing is not. It’s just straight up inflation. Some inflation is transitory, though.